Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Just an outfit post from last weekend on my way to work. Had to style a Christmas themed video for a special client. Details soon.

Her manager joked about how everytime she sees me, I'm always in a sweat shirt. Well no not really, not all the time, I wear other things. Lol. Truth is most production sets if it's not outdoor, are usually very chilly. Like really chilly. One time I worked on the set of moments with mo in Tinapa, Calabar. It was literally the worst one week of my life.

 The temperature in the studio, the cold, it would always just go straight to my brain, I was convinced my head would eventually blow open at some point. Lol anyway since then..can't take no risks. Plus I don't even like cold. 

On a very weird day I think I went to buy a dispenser at Park n Shop/Spar, the one on Adeola Odeku VI, I discovered this store upstairs where they sell the coolest basics like this sweatshirt here.

I think I found a new place to unwind. Lol yes shopping for myself is how I relax. Don't judge.

I don't know about this ghetto pose tho.

And oh the sweatshirt is Zara. Most of the pieces in the store are Uk high street. If you're really into Knit wear, easy non fussy clothing and stuff you'll really like the place. The boyfriend jeans is from Mr Price. 


Sunday, 9 November 2014


Lol. I'm sure you're expecting to read some deep or even political write up as per post title. But sorry I mean the above quite literally.

So one of my close friends is heavily pregnant and about to pop. I'm  very happy for her but I'm very frightened as well. Not cos I think something bad will happen. No. I'm frightened and I do not use this word lightly, that she will ask me to be her baby's godmother. Infact I'm expecting that phone call everyday. I don't want to.  It's something I can refuse right? It won't make me a horrible person?

You see being a godmother is much more than having a cute little boy or girl to buy fancy kids clothes, take on ice cream dates or post up cute selfies with. I understand the gravity of what it means. I am my niece's godmother and quite frankly she will be the only one except of course my brother trusts me with subsequent kids. Trusting someone with your child's life  if for some reason you and your spouse were to depart this world or if you aren't capable in the future is a big deal!

Some of the responsibilities that you may wanna check on before you start jumping for joy and make no mistakes ice cream dates and selfies are equally important. Here goes
1) You may have to pay school fees, I mean the expensive private school type.

2) They may want to go to university in obodo Oyibo. Das right!

3)After all these expenses, maybe even PhDs,they can say they want to be a nun, priest, photographer or even a stylist like me. Hayyyyy! Why didn't you speak sooner!!

4)Having to interview potential boyfriends and girlfriends. Yes I intend to do that with my future children so godson or daughter, you are not excluded.

5)Checking up on them everytime to be sure they haven't started smoking etc.

Just five and I'm already exhausted. So think again before you jump for joy when someone asks you such a heavy question. They have to be worth it. Like my cute little niece below. Love her like cold stone ice cream.


Ps- I will still post up all the other photos and videos (when I figure out how to include that in my posts) from the GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week. I've just been so swarmed with work. Pardon me. Xo

Friday, 31 October 2014


Hi guys,

Seems like I'm on a roll. Fashion high. Going to be putting up highlights in several blog posts. A photo here a video there etc. has loads more. These are just mine.


First up was the Fayrouz L'originale winners Team Élan featuring pieces from Lagos based Designer T I Nathan. Excuse the empty seats Nigerans like to do African time and people were still outside taking photos. It's hard to get Lagos peeps off the red carpet and into the main show. Lol. But it filled up pretty much sooner. 


Loved every piece!! Well done!

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Hi Guys,

Hope everyone's great. My week has been a mixture of fatigue and excitement. My birthday came up on Monday right in the middle of work so it was a little meh...Will blog about it later. Missed day 1 of LFDW mainly cos I needed to recuperate from stress. Managed to make it to Day 2 yesterday.

One of the reasons I love fashion week is that I do zero work for the 3-4days. As a matter of policy. I try to enjoy the shows and be inspired. While still spotting pieces for clients etc. another reason is that I get to see a lot of my colleagues who I don't see often like Maryanne Alabi, the fashion editor of 360nobs who's also a stylist, Eve Tawo and a lot others. 

Tried to get to the shows on time and generally raffled around until they let us into the tents.

                 Sharon Ojong of Spice tv
    Got interviewed by Spice tv do I did a papparazi switch on them

   Fashion enthusiast Onyinye of the purple glory blog

     Creative director of Retro Religion

     Cool kid, writer and publicist Myles Igwe

Founder of Lagos Fashion and Design Week and CEO of Style House Files. Omoyemi Akerele. Wonder Woman. Putting a show of this magnitude year in year out is NO JOKE.

Designer and Creative Director of the Sisiano Brand. Paulo

Them I bumped into Yagazie Emezi. I don't know what happened to the camera o. You don't know her, pls google asap

       Creative director 1407 
                          Ogua of Dzyn

     L'espace street style reporter he papped me so I returned the Favour

My fashion friend one of the "I just gat backs' lol. He'll kill me if he reads this but it's always a delight seeing Seye. We will be working together soon I hope. 

Accessories designer Mr Shem of Shem Paronelli. That's stylist Moses Ebite Moashy in the background. I thought his outfit was quite spectacular. It's fashion week tho. Outlandish is very welcome.

Maryanne Alabi, stylist and editor at

Then the high point if my faffing around. I spotted my work!!! *tumbles*  it's a fashion week campaign I directed and styled for Nigerian brand Eve and Tribe. If you haven't heard of them pls go to not only will you thank me later, you will be hooked on the affordability. I always get a high when I spot my work in print. Especially if it's on a wall or billboard. Speaking of work. I'm going to open a new page on this blog where I'll just post up all my work like a tumblr also thinking of a shop too if the gods of procrastination will let me be great. 

Then It was time for the shows. Separate blog post coming right up. Have a fantastic day guys. Xoxo!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Yes Lagos Fashion week is upon us!! Starting today, my best time of the year begins. 

Looking forward to everything from the runway shows to street style. I plan to have a blast even Lagos traffic cannot stop me. See the schedule below. Kisses!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Hi guys,

What's shaking, hope you week is good so far. 

It's about 11pm and just got back from styling and directing a photoshoot for a very upbeat and popular Nigerian high street brand. Sorry I cannot post pictures or mention the brand name just yet. Soon though when the campaign is officially released. 

It was a very fun shoot. We had an early call time 8am and got done at about 8.45pm and this may sound weird guys but I was not tired. Like I could go on till whenever. Actually I've done 24 hour shoots before and carried on the following day till the end without falling asleep. That's the thing about fashion, when you're been given an interesting idea, or you're so keen on getting a certain result, it feels like chasing a high, you just don't want to let up. Anyway enough about my shoot.

So on my way back, My car radio has a funny way of just stoping at random frequencies and today it stopped on Raypower 100.5 and it was the programme 'Soul Serenade'. And It was old school night I guess, cos when they started to play You and I by Plantashun Boys.. I was just like loooordddd! Amen! Ok let me jet say this if you remember the song more importantly if you remember the programme. Pls accept this virtual Kolanut as per elder and shit. Lol.

Heard about Linda Ikeji's blog issues. Me I'm not worried for her cos I know she will bounce back major. Maka Chukwu  I miss having the time to do daily blog rounds.  

Need to go to bed now but my dilemma this night is bed now or  Walking Dead now. I have to be up at 5.30. I can't be helped walahi. I'm gonna watch Watch walking dead and eat in bed. *shame* but oh I have Gym on Thursday morning so all good. Toodles!!

Enjoy these few snapshots. People think I love to show legs but I just love comfort more.

                                                 Print Close-up

Monday, 6 October 2014

Dungarees Remix

Or maybe How to dress up your Dungarees would have been a better title. Anyway, I must warn you picture overload! But before I go on, some things i see and it's just difficult to comprehend. 

There is this story on Linda Ikeji  about a woman who got burned by a jealous wife. The wife accused her of talking to her husband at an event. Wife is currently serving a 17yr sentence and the injured woman has been wearing a burn mask for 2 years now. She finally just took it off and her recovery is ah-amazing. But I believe such hurt runs deep and she will take longer to heal mentally.

 So I check the comment section to see reactions and even though I expected people to be judgemental and insensitive I have no idea why I'm still disappointed. Comments like "it serves her right" "she has learnt her lesson" "next time she see person husband she go run" I really don't know what to say. In this age of liberation, knowledge at our finger tips, increased sense of awareness, women, people still decide to think and act so low and it's ok??? Come on it's never ok! 

Ladies if you think your man is cheating.. You check that man! Don't go after the other woman, a man CANNOT be snatched. If a man is reckless enough to risk your happiness by cheating then you check him. The woman did not force him, you're not in a committed relationship with the woman. Deal with your man. And please do get a life. I believe it is when you think low of yourself or have nothing productive to do with your time that you let the devil use you in a malicious cat fight.

There was this neighbour of mine years ago who could chase anything in skirt. One day (and I live in a quiet estate) his wife starts screaming outside her house, she and her sister viciously pounding two girls. It was so embarrassing to watch. Gist later was that the girls came looking for her husband and I was just like damnn! First of all as a man how do you give your heaux your house address. Apparently he had invited them over cos he thought his wife would be away that day but unfortunately she stayed home a little longer and he couldn't have the sense to call heaux and cancel or maybe he forgot. My point is she could have made her point to the girls without embarrassing herself like that especially when she knew the kind of man she was married to. Instead of disturbing the peace and inviting neighbours to the ugly circus.

Anyway I guess I've made my point. On to pictures!

My style in recent times, has gravitated towards more relaxed and comfy wear. It reflects my lifestyle majorly. As a stylist I'm always on the go, sourcing, going to a photoshoot etc. even on days when I'm not working, I can't be a***d to dress up. But sometimes I have serious meetings like on this day but I still wanted to be myself. The blazer and heels helped be to balance our the serious side I think! Enjoy.

No it's not a wedding band I'm still very single. 

(Lady Victoria bag by Dot Accessories, dungarees from Mr Price,  Blazer Warehouse, shoes Jojo Cat) 

Ps- it's Sallah but I'm too lazy to go to any ram parties even though I really really want ram. Whatever happened to my loyal Muslim neighbours who would show up unannounced with goodies? I'm not liking this new behaviour.