Friday, 29 August 2014


I'm totally crushing on these images of tv girl Adora Oleh released by Blanck Magazine for their 3rd issue.

For those who don't know, Blanck was created by Franka Chiedu who was editor at Complete Fashion magazine for quite a while and was responsible for all their fabulous issues. With Blanck as her baby, you can see the increased creativity, passion and drive speak to you from the images. Picture quality is superb styling so fresh and clean, words so well put together. I'm so very proud. Earlier when they launched, I got an early bird registration so I get to read all the issues. If you would like to know more, pls visit

 Adora was styled by Tokyo James and photographed by Andrew Hiles. Hair by James Oxkley, make-up by Sylvia Makowsky and words by Franka Chiedu




Hope your week has been ok. Mine.... Phew! Haven't been able to properly rest in days but I love my job so not gonna complain.

A prospective client of mine Trish O Couture (I will be handling PR for the brand an area Of fashion I'm gently easing into) showed a new collection at the just concluded Ecowas Fashion week. I had to style and co-ordinate the collection. She showed on Saturday and Sunday. Here are a few behind the scenes photos from the show. Prior to the show, there had been pre-fittings and I was brought in sort of last minute so... *smiling* I got to the final fittings on the day of the show and I had to change a lot of things and some of the models weren't so pleased that their dresses were being switched you know...*smiling* BUT it was for the overall good of the show and so everyone could look better. Eventually after hair and makeup, everything looked perfect. These are backstage pictures taken with my Ipad. Will bring you professional runway photos soon. Were you at the show? What did you think? Let me know. Oh I also changed the makeup last minute. Lips only though. So the girls went out in a different lip colour from what you see here.The craziness that goes on backstage. You guys don't EVEN wanna know lol. The makeup artist must have mentally shot me in the head a thousand times lol. But you what... When we all see professional runway photos at the end of the day.. It makes us love each other and our jobs. 

The designer Patricia Onumonu in the middle. Love her dress.

Later in the week on a much saner day... I had to supervise a post event press shoot for the collection. Sneak peak

Love the collection!

While at this shoot I had to leave twice to another pre shoot meeting with a very private client so I cant really mention a name at this point. But her shoot happened this week too and it was amazing. As a woman when I have to style older sophisticated women i get star struck. Fo real! And they are not your regular celebrities. Like you know those type women that are late 30s or 40- something and have spent decades collecting fashion and you just want to die in their closets!!! They are fit from working out over the years, drink a lot tea, have a lot of shoes and are just plain out of this world. Damn I love my job!

Re-united with my personal superstar friend and celeb makeup artist Dave Sucre who gave his absolute best on the shoot. I think together we were both in awe of our client. Lol. Amazing shoot overall. So sorry I can't share any photos from her shoot yet. She's private and royal like that!

Oh yes another highlight of my week. I spent a day at the Spice tv studios filming two episodes for Spice Most. It was basically me giving my opinion on a list of Stylish Actors and then the second episode was Stylish Artistes both African. They had a list so they would just mention the names and I'd comment. Tried to be as honest as possible so yay! Look out for it. Spice is on Dstv ch 192 and they have amazing content I have to say. I mean if you were interested, curious or want to get involved in our budding fashion industry, then you want to stick to the station. Andddd I have gotten I'm so over my fear of being in front of the camera, I just need to loose a few Kilos. 

The crew were so happy with how quickly and easy my recording was. The producer even said "you should be on tv" oh! If only she had seen my 53 extra interview last year.. *hangs head in shame* Life really is a journey.
                      Getting mic-ed
I designed and chose the fabric for the cropped top and shorts set I have on. Not so bad if I do say so myself. Lol. White pointees are the new black.

Newsprint jumpsuit is from Biddy's Mondo +2348030767579 and Satin pumps fron TNL ( Things Nigerians Love) +2348131810718 

Hope this was not too long a post to read. Lol

Cheers to the freaking weekend! *grabs duvet* *covers head*


Monday, 25 August 2014


It's a busy Monday for me in lagos and I'm running on low sleep from last night as I stayed up to watch the VMAs but I have to do this so welcome to my personal Fashion Police! 

Best dressed!

Beyoncé in Nicholas Jebran, Tom Ford and Zuhair Murad. Bey is no 1 on this list also because after last night I have renewed respect and love for this woman. It's not easy being yourself in a world where your life is literally news on every gossip blog even harder having to face the world on a stage knowing a lot of people would rather see you fall and be sorry for you. Then she did what she did. Performed her whole album. I don't know if anyone else noticed but I could see so much fatigue in her eyes but she kept it up. She's amazing! And even if they ever broke up which I seriously doubt,mshe will still be Queen. Ok... Moving on!

No idea who Jlo is wearing but she looks divine!

Kendal Jenner in Balmain. Perfection!

Rita Ora in Donna Karan Artelier. Honestly I'm just happy she looked great. In recent times it's either a hit or miss for her. She stopped being consistent

Kelly Rowland in Kaufman Franco. Can pregnancy be any more chic???

Nicki Minaj in Saint Laurent. I think we can all agree she's beautiful. Plastic or not. Infact her surgeon deserves a medal or something.

Mylie Cyrus in Alexandre vauthier. Well she's over the naked phase. Progress.

Solange in H&M. Don't think I need to say anything here really. Slay queen.

The errrrrrm it could have been better........

Kim Kardashian in Balmain. Honestly this is a very chic outfit. Very edgy. The problem here is Kim is not working it. You know what maybe if the hair was just pulled back in a sleek tight pony. That would've been edgy. I feel like Jlo would have Slayed this look to be honest.

I've seen blogs say they prefer the look on Joan Smalls who I'm guessing wore her's in the reverse.. Nah.... I'd rather go with Kim if I had to choose.

Gwen Stephanie in L.A.M.B it's just not working for me

Kylie in Alexandre Vauthier. Nice dress but not age appropriate for her. I'll pass.

The thank you for scarring me for life.....

Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou giving us Lesson 101: How not to wear a onesie! This is just an eye sore

Katy Perry. Always so dramatic zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Amber Rose. Hot mess, event inappropriate, strip club appropriate, all round trashy.

And that's all. Do have a stylish week. Xoxo!


She's so NOT serving up that boring beauty queen look. All I see is model and fashion. Current MBGN Iheoma Nnadi photographed by Jamiu Salaam.  Love it! 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fashion Opportunities: Announcing: The British Council Fashion Workshop & Mentoring Programme


We are pleased to announce that Enterprise Creative is a partner for the British Council's upcoming fashion skills and mentoring programme for young Nigerian fashion professionals. The British Council is currently inviting applications from emerging Nigerian fashion designers to take part in a year-long mentoring programme that will bring together a range of designers, practitioners and institutions from across Nigeria and the UK to explore new ways of working through a range of workshops, showcasing opportunities and networking sessions between 2014 and 2015.

The programme will connect fashion designers to other creative sectors, provide access to mentoring through a dedicated network of experts within Nigeria and the UK and develop skills of emerging fashion designers in the following areas:

  • Technical delivery & business development
  • Brand Identity:
  • Innovative approaches

Eligibility criteria

  • Designers must be aged between 18 - 35 at the date applications are due
  • Designers must have been working as designers in the industry for a minimum of two (2) years and a maximum of five (5) years
  • Designers should have designed at least one (1) collection and be able to send sample sketches of their work and samples of finished garments with their applications. Samples should be sent electronically
  • Designers must have at least one existing sales point within the Nigerian fashion retail ecosystem

How do we define a designer?

  • Someone who has successfully produced clothing items or a range of fashion accessories
  • Someone who has already started selling their own collections in reasonable commercial quantities to a targeted audience

How to Apply

To participate, please fill the attached form or visit the British Council website  or our website to download the application form.

All applications should be sent to by 24 August 2014.

Good luck!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Somedays I just want to be free, like go out in my pjyamas but since I can't, this is my alternative. With some heels of course.

As a blogger, you should never miss the opportunity for a few snaps. My friend and colleague Dami, took these photos of me as I was about to go into a production meeting recently.

Hoping your week is going great so far.


Ps- I can't believe I finally got my drivers' license today after a whole year of waiting. Just because I decided not to 'give somebody money' and went the legal way. Nigeria we hail thee.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


I spend way too much time on the road. More than most people I know actually. As a freelance fashion girl. I have days off no doubt but most of my days are really busy. On some days I can go to and fro the island as much as three times. It may start off with early morning meetings to pulls to returns and more fashion stuff.

Anyway the other day I was in Maryland and utterly scared of venturing third mainland bridge as it was morning time so I called up a friend who'd left earlier to get a picture of what lies ahead in terms of Traffic... Yes... And she says to me, check gidi traffic, and I'm like babe it means I'll be on my phone, I'm on the move already and besides I ain't got time fo dat! Luckily I remember LASTMA has this struggle radio station 96.1fm. Infact i take that back. This station saved my life. It alerted me of the trailer inspired gridlock on western avenue which I was about to rush into to avoid 3rd mainland. Traffic radio is my best friend now Yoruba accent presenters et all. It's all love.

I felt like a super woman. I was able to meet almost all of my appointments. Sadly I missed a fitting for my friend's show. He's a menswear designer and I'd promised to fit the models pre-show. Hoping he'll forgive me.

Oh yes! MTV base just started showing Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I don't know what time it shows as I've only stumbled on it twice. They are still on season 1 I believe. Now here's the thing and I know I've heard people talk about the show and seen loads of tweets prior but watching it, is something else and excuse my French but I don't know how grown ups can be so retarded. I'm so sorry.  Like omg!

Erica is just crazy, Mimi, way too dramatic I don't know if she tries to be deep... I just don't know. Joseline... Lmao she just makes my ribs ache "what's da prah lem" who talks like that pls. Scrappy, no words and Stevie J oh my god Stevie J!!!!! Stevie j!!! How can anyone in their right mind be with a man like Stebie. Oh god! This is just after watching 2 episodes. Ratchet tv is gross but imma keep warrrtching. I tell ya. Hopefully I can find the right time slot.

Moving on to a well, not ratchet reality tv star, Its no doubt Kourtney is the chicest kardashian at least to me. Her style is just so effortless compared to the rest and it's how I like to live. 

Decided intead on sneakers for my own look. Yay or nay?

Cheers and hope you have a fulfilling week! Xoxo