Monday, 22 June 2015


Been ill for the past four days. Malaria  There's this weird thing whenever I'm ill I try to imagine the exact time/point that the illness leaves my body like the last trace. Sometimes i get it other times not quite.  Don't ask me why it's just a thing. 

If I'm ever confused or not sure I have malaria, when the nightmares start I know for sure. I often wonder why they don't list that as a symptom seeing as  it happens to me all the time and I'm sure I'm not the only one or that would be strange. 

In the last four days I've had over 8 bad dreams. Three of which I remembered clearly till this afternoon when the nightmares stopped and I had a Sweet Ghost dream. I mean Ghost from Power. Damn that dude is fine af. God forgive me but I might just go to sleep again. Angela Valdez is having a blast. If you don't watch Power you're probably lost so guy I'm talking about is Omari Hardwick. Ok you get it now.  Anyway point of the story is that's how I know Malaria has now left my body. Nightmares have been replaced by *cough*

Pls don't even preach here. Thanks. 

On Sunday, I took a break from my sick bed, put on some makeup and a tight dress to BLD by Play in Lekki to attend my friend Shade's bridal shower. It was a blast because we are friends from secondary school and you know how it is when old friends get back together. The nostalgia was too real. Going to boarding school in FGGC Sagamu was possibly one of the happiest periods of my life wicked seniors et all cos. I became a senior and I'm not sure if I was all nice. Anyway judge not. 

It's been a long time we left secondary school 15yrs so we had to meet her other friends. Those from Uni and those from work etc and that was fun, everyone spoke about how they met the bride and how they became friends with her. My friends did not/have not changed one bit and I realised it during the how well do you know the bride game. Those that used to dub still dubbed and I really felt like throwing a tantrum for not winning any prize. I was screaming it's not fair!! But I quickly checked myself.  Damn people don't change I was so happy I attended as I almost did not cos I really felt weak. But I guess you can't tell from pictures. Thanks to science.


Clockwise- Ajala, Laitan and Shade. They were the organizers and had to make sure Sade never suspected a thing till that day. She thought she was coming to a Father's Day party for another friend's husband. Lol. Seriously. Never heard of anyone who threw a Father's Day party.

        Keke, Shade's friend from work arguing about not getting some answers about the bride right. 

Games time! Bimbo, light skin girl on the left has had her face exactly the same say since secondary school I'm not kidding. Always the same tight ponytail and wind in a tunnel face. No jokes. She'll probably be the same way when she's 70.

       We were laughing so hard tho.

Bumped into my friend Omon who came to brunch at the restaurant too. We snuck away for a mirror selfie cos she found a mirror somewhere in the back and couldn't resist. Omon is the creative director of Belois Couture. She won the Multichoice Fashion Protege and is an awesome designer.

Have a blessed week Xoxo.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Ok. Not the raw some of you dirty minds have...But yeah there was a time I thought I could never eat my salad sans cream like what am I a cow? I always assumed the compensation for having to eat raw vegetables was the generous cream dressing. Fast forward to my fitfam obsession nothing is off limits as long as it promises to fight my fat I will grind away like a damn herbivore.The other day I blended my salad into a smoothie and drank it. Me of all people I used to be such a sweet tooth. Truth is at the end of the day it's not that ridiculous or cringe worthy. As a matter of fact I have actually started enjoying it. What is crazy tho is I convinced my mum to try it too. My mum is Naija old school where milo = tea, salads should be lathered with Heinz cream etc She don't got time for wholistic shit. She will eat semo at 10pm like it's normal. So imagine my surprise when I offered her a no cream bowl of salad and she said sure! The world may be coming to an end.

This past weekend on Nigerian social media was rife with cheating tales. Dear Men can we never win with you? *sigh. I really felt bad for Toke Makinwa just because as a fellow woman and someone who has been there personally hell almost every female I know has at least one time been involved in a web of relationship lies/ woes. Deny and let Amadioha strike you. Lol. We can joke about it but it's quite hurtful especially when the whole world makes it their business too. *cringe! 

Let me say this yeah, In this life for whatever reason we are attracted to a beautiful picture. We love love, we all want to be seen as stable, want our relationships with the opposite sex to be sincere etc. we are so hell bent on a picture that often times, we subconsciously place people on a pedestal that they do not deserve and fail to see reality even when it's knocking us on the head. So for instance you have a boo who uses "I" all the time but you prefer to use "we" and then you go ahead and think you're in a relationship? Well maybe with yourself. 

Then there's the very common one. The ones that never pick up the phone to call. Excuse me? Who is he calling, is he busier than the president? These are regular red flags. Then you graduate to those men that seem to have drama around them either a baby mama, an ex they tell you is a clingy or someone that won't let them be. Lies lies lies!

 If this is you pls just pour a bucket of cold water on your head and wake up! Truth is and I'm talking from experiencing both sides. A guy that is thinking of you WILL call you and you'll even loose count of how many times a day or week. C'est fini.  A man that is serious will definitely not let you into his baby mama drama, crazy ex bullocks. If you ignore all this signs, then you're setting yourself up to be embarrassed in the future. And there are cases where it all checks out fine but one way or the other he still embarrasses you. It's still ok. The devil finds a way to use people sometimes. Especially them. Personally I always say Men will be men. Just pick a lesser evil and one you can live with.

The one I find most ridiculous is when women feel like they won a kind of race. Like he picked me over all the hoes. You are not an option! It's ridiculous. Men truly need to do better. I had this one ex who at a time, everything that came out of his mouth was just lies upon lies. My god. I can laugh now but it definitely wasn't funny then. It's like I blinked and I was caught up in a love triangle where after every 12 hours my position rotated from boo, to ex-boo then to 'I choose you boo' and the cycle went on and on. Of course there was the story of the other female being "clingy" and "crazy". I'm sure the same was being said about me too. In situations like this I think the best thing to do which I did eventually is to put your emotions aside, analyse your situation, remember your upbringing and save yourself. 

Cool story... so that period yeah I saw online where one of us dedicated a song I really liked to this fellow and I was so pained and for years everytime I listened to the CD I would skip the song. Fast forward to few years ago I was about skipping the song in my car when I know what ...I really like this song. I'm not going to skip it and then weird I know but I just started laughing hysterically like  stupid girl almost ruined a BeyoncĂ© song for me. Lmao. Shiiiiiiiii.

 I don't know if this helps anyone but one of the easiest ways to heal for me is radio silence and it helped me that period. I'm talking a bunch of missed calls, text msgs, bb msgs and all was met with radio silence then it would go to insults and I'll just laugh like even if you insult my mother It would still be radio silence. Of course there were times when I was bugged into a response but I made sure it never lead back to constant communication. 

Yes onto some fashion. At the just concluded Graduate Fashion week in the UK early this month I was really impressed with the work of Yasmeen Uddin from xxxxx university. I followed as many of the shows as I could online and there were so many great talents. The theme for Yasmeen's collection was 'who are you wearing' It featured exaggerated images of famous fashion faces from Grace Jones to Anna Wintour on loosely tailored silhouettes.  Loved loved every single piece!

                     Rick Owens

                       Coco Chanel

                     Grace Jones


                      Anna Wintour

                    Iris Afpel

Ps: my blog is a personal blog and I love to do random posts and outfit posts. However I will post my work from time to time. But feel free to peep a few on my Instagram @hyperfashun. Mention me and I'll love to follow you right back.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Shouldn't you do a review when you just get a product or at least not too long after? Well I guess that's the beauty of your own blog. 

Straight to the point, the perfume is the truth, like the ultimate truth. I first came in contact with it at the Launch by Essenza here in Lagos. I had gone to the mall (palms lekki) and I couldn't help but wonder why the whole place smelled so heavenly. I thought is the president visiting? but traffic outside said otherwise. Anyway they had their sales reps at different areas of the mall, spraying the scent all over the place and letting customers try out. It was those I have to have it ones. No doubt! 

Si is Italian for Yes. Simple word but very inspirational. So it can be yes to anything. Yes to a good life, yes to dressing well, yes to great relationships etc. the perfume was launched in 2013 so it's obviously intended for the modern woman, it's supposed to invoke sophistication and class hence the choice of Cate Blanchett as the face. Can up you think up anyone more distinguished and  classy? 

The Notes you can expect are blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre, and blond wood musk with touches of freesia and May rose. At first it's intense but not too strong or choking but then it lingers softly I'm talking over 24 hours here. 

If you use or have used this fragrance you have to agree with me that there are no in-betweens (unlike another I tried sometime ago and can't seem to decide what pushed me) you either love it or I don't know....maybe you can't be pleased.

I've had mine for about 8 months or so. I use it all the time as can be seen. I will definitely purchase another bottle.

Ps- I'm always looking to try new stuff. Which is/are your favs. Share the secret!


Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Hi there,

Hope your week is going great. Fuel scarcity has been a pain in my neck. I don't know how we are supposed to cope. Now I'm hearing there is another union strike. Well I guess the upside is that there will be less traffic in the city of Lagos. The Lord knows it's grueling.

This past weekend I was lucky to have petrol so as usual I had my Sunday shenanigans with a little work in between plus my mum was stuck with me. Had to drive her to a hospital appointment early morning and I begged her to stay with me the whole day. I never get time to just chill with my mum so I wanted to seize the opportunity.  We went to mass together and usually after mass I just say a very short prayer at the blessed sacrament committing my week to God and just scram. 

You won't believe my mum made me wait behind for the Rosary I was like oh damn! I have to admit as a catholic I don't really pray my rosary I guess it's cos I said my rosary everyday as a child from going to block rosary crusade everyday and being a Legionary. I got to boarding school and it was like Who gon check me (insert Kevin Hart voice). It was a good thing tho cos afterwards I felt so much better. More like spirit filled and I think I'll start waiting behind. Make it a habit again.

Anyway afterwards we went to destroy our invisible abs at brunch. She was not in the mood for pictures. According to her she was just supposed to go take a blood test and I set her up for an outing didn't tell her to do her hair. She's still cute though.  My mum is seriously the sweetest and the best person I know. She has MS but she tries not to let it take over her life and I'm just happy to have her. 

Chilled out by the pool for a bit. Slept off the food a little

Then I had to go to the House of Marie Event. 

Here I'm wearing a smock from Nigerian label Grey.

They were launching their Diffusion Line 'Anne Marie' at Stranger in Lekki Phase 1. 

The collection named 'Urban Struggle' featured a signature print depicting the Lagos Hustle. There were interesting cut-outs, loose tailoring and a structured jacket here and there. Fabric choices were mostly soft silk and velvet. The collection was amazing I tried on two looks and settled for the skort and jacket look even though I would rather have the entire collection but my budget isn't set up like Ulyana Sergeenko's.

Customers shopping. If you've been to events at Stranger you know it's usually dark inside so apologies for not so clear images.

House of Marie Creative director Joan Ibuzo with a client wearing a piece from the current House of Marie collection.

Later that evening it rained heavily and we got into traffic trying to get back home. Usually I get sleepy in night time traffic but my mum had enough gist. Was an amazing weekend!

What did you get up to. Feel free to share. 

Cheers. Xoxo!

You can purchase pieces from the diffusion line at Stranger. 3 Hakeen Dickson street lekki phase 1 or via the website phone +2348082268640. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015


Hi guys, 

Hope your weekend went great. No scratch that. If your weekend went great I'm actually jealous of you. This was one hellish weekend. Public holiday notwithstanding.

I mean....there is no petrol, no light and to add to that the heat is insane. For how many hours in the day can you and your neighbours run your generators before everyone goes crazy with the noise and where will the petrol even come from? 

To add to all this I had personal issues of my own which included car trouble a simple few hours alternator change turned into a two day job which is still not done but I'm seriously hoping to get sorted. Cabs in Lagos are about 4k per destination and my week is pretty packed.The horror!! 

Anyway my weekend may have not been perfect but my outfit was!!

Wearing this faux pearl detail crop top and flute hem skirt from Bibire. I love love them and own a couple of pieces from the label which I may have posted in the past and others yet to post. 

This I fell in love with at first sight. It will be getting a lot of wear for sure and styled separately too!

Wish you all a sane week ahead. Xoxo!

Thursday, 23 April 2015


So the other day I was minding my business being a grub at brunch when I heard what has become my favourite word/ phrase so far.  "The movement"

I wouldn't say I was eavesdropping no.  They were sat right beside me and loud enough to be in my ears the whole time.

These guys walk in, One of them had these huge bright roaming eyes. You know those people you can tell are hyperactive at first glance. He goes... (While doing a 360 head turn) This is the movement right? His friend is like ermmm.... And he goes I mean this is where everyone comes to guy. I just saw senator xy and his family. Ambassador xy too. You know he's my uncle na. 

I swear I almost burst out laughing. Just cos these kind of people crack me up and I've met with and worked with a couple. They know everyone, every politician is their Aunty, uncle or godfather. They love to name drop and are just...... I don't know. It is actually hilarious.  I once knew this chic who knew everybody!! Everytime there was a plane crash she would have like 10 Auntys and 20 uncles on the flight just to feel important. I don't get it. 

Ladies and gentlemen it's ok if you admit you've only met someone once in your life and they don't have to be your Aunty. 

Yes I understand that in some circles you are required to kiss ass and I have met several people on a professional level who insist you call them Aunty or uncle (I find it ridiculous though) but its a thing especially in Lagos but I digress.. Anyway back to my gist. This guy doesn't stop looking around and talking and acknowledging the presence of everyone those he knew and didn't quite know. At some point he tried to strike up a conversation with me but at that point I already found him too hilarious to take him seriously. In my head I'm like busy body... Errr nope!!

But at least he gave me a new fav word. I've added Sunday to mine tho cos quite frankly it is the only day in the week to literally enjoy movement in Lagos given the horrific horrific traffic situation. 

So what's your Sunday Movement? Mine usually starts after mass and usually includes trips to get ice cream , movies, Brunch or visits to friends. That last part might not be entirely true tho as it happens once in a while I mostly spend my Sundays grubbing and faffing around that is when I'm not working though. Although this Sunday I plan to go see my friend who had a baby so yeah!

 Last Sunday I did brunch at Sofitel Moorehouse Ikoyi(not pictured) I have to say it was very average and I wouldn't really bother with it in a while. 

These photos are from 2sundays ago at the Sounthern Sun same day as the story that inspired this title.

They had these spicy prawns and basmati rice which I enjoyed so much i had it at the beginning when I was so hungry and not thinking about pictures if you know what I mean.

You have to try the French toast on the left It was out of this world.  The fish in batter top right wasn't bad either. I always have to have chilli can't inagine not. I have to confess tho, I'm a grub at buffets but that's the whole point.

Excuse the splatter. The yoghurt was bomb.

See I didn't wanna post this photo. All I can say is Lord forgive me.

Outfit ( last Sunday's movement. Lmao) - Eve and tribe.
Shoes-Biddy's Mondo.

Photo credit- Ozy Agu

Have a great week! Xoxo!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Boobs and Denim

I've never understood why a lot of women want big breasts. The worry with push up bras or anything that makes it look so tedious to be a woman. 

I like flat chest and I always say it and not because I'm small but it's just so easy. You'll never be able to explain to a busty person how you can unbutton your shirt three steps down and still not look trashy. 

When I see bare chested A-cup models on the runway I'm like this could be me if I was really perikish you know sigh. Recently I was doing a wardrobe audit from my clothes, jewellery down to shoes. Anyway when I got to my undies. I found this bra that had been sitting there unworn for quite a while. I never paid it any attention cos it was my only bra that wasn't padded. I thought it just didn't add. But Over the years i have gotten frustrated with bras however I haven't gotten bold enough to do without. 

Every other day I take it off in the car before even making it home. Bras are pointless to be honest. Back to my old paddles bra. It does have the metal underneath though. I tried it on and it felt so fuss free. I went out with it, my shirt closed easily and by midday I didn't feel like yanking it off. It didn't give that push up effect but who cares or maybe I'm getting old. It was extremely comfy and I'm now contemplating changing all my bras or taking out the padding. Can I get a sigh of relief!!! 

Well this post is not just about my small breasts and my bras. I tried the cropped denim shirt look a few days ago. It's actually a DIY. The shirt I mean. I just cut off a few inches from the bottom and had it hemmed. Unfortunately I don't have before photos as I hadn't planned on doing a post about the process but it's pretty easy. Paired it with my dependable boyfriend jeans btw death to skinny jeans. The struggle! Still love them tho but definitely not for everyday wear.

   Taking pics like "stand over there. This is my good side" 

Cheers and happy election weekend. I shall be sleeping the day away.

Denim shirt-vintage
Jeans-Mr Price
Bag- H&M
Shoes- Next