Tuesday, 16 December 2014


In the last post, I told you guys about the style challenge I took part in. Here guys is the collection we had to pull from. 

it is a collection of about 30pieces of absolutely gorgeous dresses, jumpsuits and separates in styles that are very fuss free and easy to wear. The choice of colour, prints and sequins make each of the pieces perfect for the season we are currently in. The collection has received a lot of praise so far because it is honestly one of the most beautiful ready to wear collections  currently being shown by a designer right now.


Model: Banke Su for Beth Models
Photography: Obi Somto
Styling and Creative Direction: Bubu Ogisi
Make-up : D'Artiste by Dodos
Press: Redrick PR

Monday, 15 December 2014


Hi Guys,

Nigerian design brand Toju Foyeh just launched a ready to wear collection this past weekend but earlier in the week, four stylists including me took part in a fun challenge creating different looks from the collection. 

Initially the challenge was to style one particular piece, a skirt,  in 4 totally different looks. A photo of the skirt was sent to the different stylists pre-shoot day so we could come prepared with the different looks.

I'm not going to lie and say I'm not a perfectionist because I am. I had 5 different looks planned for the skirt down to the shoes, jewellery and also the different poses I wanted from the model even though we just needed one look. I know! I can't be helped.

Anyway on getting to the shoot, I'm told the challenge had changed and model had changed as well. This meant a different model with a different shoe size was present at said shoot. Hayyyyyyyy! (Dear aspiring stylists this will happen to you in different ways and more times than once in your career)

So I'm left with some crazy options.

1) be the stereotype naija diva 
2) Mourn my 5 different looks that would have to go back into my ideas book not sure when they would see the light of day
3) option 1

You see I'm one of those people that when it comes to work stuff I just never quit.  Besides if I was going to take part in a challenge, what could be more challenging than my present situation. There was a 20mins time frame per stylist as well.

 So I toss all the above options in my mental bin, I ask if there are shoes in the model's size available on set and luckily there were. I ask to see the pieces available to work with and I immediately start visualizing a party theme in my head. I ended up creating two looks.

For the look above, I worked with two dresses. A slip dress is been worn as a blouse. I then folded the other dress half way and styled it as a skirt. A few clips in the back and voila! I back combed and loosened the model's tresses a bit to add volume. Paired the look with a sneakers and a vintage cross body bag to give off a tomboy chic look that was still party appropriate.

For the 2nd look I simply added a mens' dress shirt underneath, buttoned all the way up with a silver bejewelled brooch. The brooch is there to further emphasize the sparkly theme going on with the dress. Left her hair the same way to make the look effortless, some strappy sandals and voila!

Style tip: juxtaposing male and female elements subtly, in a look, makes for a slightly more interesting take on your personal style as well.

There is a feature of the challenge on on Bella Naija Click here to read 



Sunday, 14 December 2014


Hey guys,

Hope your weekend went well. I need to blog more. I have so much to talk about and share. Instagram is to blame seriously it's so easy. Snap, upload, caption. Shikena. Makes for a lazy blogger.

Some time early October I think, I got a call from the Eve and Tribe team to style and direct a campaign they had in mind. As a stylist I'm always on the move, mostly driving myself from one designer showroom to another, client fitting to impromptu meetings. I was in the middle of my day driving as usual when I got a call from the head designer, she spoke briefly about what it was they wanted, when they wanted to shoot, and here's the thing when I get a call like this, I never respond immediately cos of the singular fact that I never know which day of the week it is at any point in time hence I cannot state my availability at that moment. Honest truth.

So I say I'll ring you back. They needed an urgent response so I park, check my Calender, my schedule in the coming week is pretty tight and I don't know want to do. The Eve and tribe team, I really like, so I rearrange my schedule, make a few calls, apologies here and there and i call back to arrange a briefing.

This just simply means a brainstorming session where you present your ideas in theory with pictorial references, the client does same and at the end of the day everyone agrees on a theme in terms of styling, co-ordination, models, props, everything. Depending on what the task at hand is, this is the point where the client leaves you bored to death or full of excitement for the job. Thankfully the latter was the case.

Moving on to a not so cool story. 

Prior to shoot day, we didn't get to meet one of the models. We had to rely on pictures from her portfolio, well on the day of the shoot, I see the model and she looks nothing like her photos. The makeup artist says oh let's be done with the makeup, you'll see her face... Etc and I just wasn't comfortable. It wasn't even about the model being pretty or not cos she was alright. Problem was she didn't fit the type of girl we wanted. We needed the girls to have a certain freshness. You know that sweet faced, girl next door type face. She didn't even have to be modelsque. She just had to have a face that was relateable and I just knew there was no way that particular model would work.

Then began the frantic search to book a model an hour to shoot time while at the same time trying not to go into panic mode. Called up all the model managers I knew and in mins my phone started beeping 30beeps per sec. Photos of girls flashing on the screen. Loads of photos and we still couldn't find a girl. Then as luck would have it we found a girl but she was unreachable. She had 3 lines and they all were off, then we stared calling anyone that may know her, no luck. Another girl gave the typical lagos line 'I'm on my way' "I'm  5mins away" lol. She was probably stuck in traffic. Someone suggested we manage the model we had. Dear up and coming creative, every little detail can make or break a shoot. If no one is going to die pls DO NOT MANAGE!

We had to postpone the shoot for a few days and luckily on the new date there were no surprises. It was a whole day shoot as we also had to shoot the images for the catalogue as well. I was tired as hell at the end but happy that I didn't have to 'manage'. The models were cool to work with and professional as well.

We wanted to show how versatile the collection was, going from fun cool pieces to party wear, and lastly work wear. 

Hope you enjoy the photos. They have been released on almost all the social media platforms as well as websites and blogs.

Photography: Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun
Makeup: Kosiso Eze
Models: uju Obijiekwu
             Nikki sanyasi
              Phil Ozongwu
Styling and Direction: Yours Truly

All the pieces shown here can be purchased online at eveandtribe.com, jumia.com.ng, L'espace, and at the Eve and tribe store, 46 Raymond Njoku Street, Off Awolowo road Ikoyi. 
Follow on Instagram: @eveandtribe 

Have a splendid week ahead. Xoxo

Friday, 5 December 2014


Have you ever felt like a one man army? It's not the best experience I must tell you. Like the universe conspired against you. Somehow people that should matter in your life one way or the other, one by one, have managed to really let you down. What are the odds? Did they have a meeting?

You're faced with the option of forgiving all, extending an olive branch, apology or not, just so you can be chummy with them, you know happiness and all or... Or....Or, you can say.. go to hell. 

Frankly speaking option 2 is the easier option especially if you remember the words spoken or how they acted. You know what I think, I feel like most times we put people on a pedestal that they truly do not deserve in the first place. Knowingly or unknowingly. However at the point we discover this we should be gracious enough to gently let them off said pedestal. This is a lesson I've had to learn recently a rather harsh one but oh well.  I would share my life history but that would be just so boring.

Moving on I've dedicated my mornings to the tracks. Trying to be all about the healthy life. I wake up every morning and show up on these damned tracks. Music being a dependable help. Then I go to the gymn twice a week. Soon my hypothetical abs will be slaying you and your grandmothers. Lol. Lord give your daughter abs please.

Speaking of the gymn. So this my gymn is an open one yeah and I kind of enjoy seeing a lot of people. It motivates me, allows me to judge lazy folks and all but what was so disgusting the other day... Oh lord. This guy, he wore those jersey shorts and we were all on the bench doing sit-ups with the trainer and this guy gets up half way, raises his legs to the side similar to how a dog will, then sweat starts to pour out from his insides like a when you turn on a tap slowly drip drip drip. Oh my god! Why would anyone do that. He had no care in the world. That liquid might have been dripping from his butt and penis area. I'm afraid I've been scarred! I had to mark that particular bench so I don't ever go near it.

Working out regularly is fun. It's the life it will eventually help me work off my mini muffin top which thankfully you cannot see in this sweat shirt by SAUC Clothing.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend. Keep loving yourself. Xoxo

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Just an outfit post from last weekend on my way to work. Had to style a Christmas themed video for a special client. Details soon.

Her manager joked about how everytime she sees me, I'm always in a sweat shirt. Well no not really, not all the time, I wear other things. Lol. Truth is most production sets if it's not outdoor, are usually very chilly. Like really chilly. One time I worked on the set of moments with mo in Tinapa, Calabar. It was literally the worst one week of my life.

 The temperature in the studio, the cold, it would always just go straight to my brain, I was convinced my head would eventually blow open at some point. Lol anyway since then..can't take no risks. Plus I don't even like cold. 

On a very weird day I think I went to buy a dispenser at Park n Shop/Spar, the one on Adeola Odeku VI, I discovered this store upstairs where they sell the coolest basics like this sweatshirt here.

I think I found a new place to unwind. Lol yes shopping for myself is how I relax. Don't judge.

I don't know about this ghetto pose tho.

And oh the sweatshirt is Zara. Most of the pieces in the store are Uk high street. If you're really into Knit wear, easy non fussy clothing and stuff you'll really like the place. The boyfriend jeans is from Mr Price.