Sunday, 22 March 2015


Just wanted to share these photos from the April cover of Motherhood In-style featuring Lola Omotayo Okoye and her family. 

When it came to styling I really wanted to show the bond between a family, the idea that kept playing in my head after getting off the first phone call with the editor of the magazine was togetherness, intimacy, pure love and fun. Hence the themed looks and colour choices.

There are more photos but you'll have to buy the issue to see the rest. *tongue out*  

Lola in Iamisigo shirt dress and necklace from Ariaba. Peter's outfit from Ennzo lagos and the kids looks from Ruff n Tumble

Lola in St Genevieve high waist tailored pants
Ariaba necklace
 Shoes from Shoe Lounge  
Denim shirt from my styling closet

Peter wears The 'Lagos urban and fresh' tee from Lagos Laid Bac LLB 
Denim shirt and Jeans from Ennzo 

had so much fun styling the shoot. Lola is so beautiful in person like you have no idea, she is gorgeous! Peter was also great. Fantastic family to work with and not as much fuss as I had expected. The kids were surprisingly very easy. I've worked with kids in the past and I came with extra energy but then again I was surprised how easy it went. 

Their older son Cameron was a delight giving us pose after pose ha! Aliona had to be bribed with lots of candy. She could also sing Eje ajo the P Square song. I thought that was very cute. All the children's outfits were provided by Ruff n Tumble.

Kelechi Amadi Obi was on photography. There were many dashes up and down the floors of Eko Signature where wardrobe was set up and sprinting across to Eko hotel for pictures but I'm always secretly grateful for the hidden workouts that come with some shoots

Thank you to Pauline Rumm the editor, the Motherhood In-style team and my lovely right hand ladies (my assistants) Zeenat Ali and Ijeoma Okonkwo for an awesome shoot. 


Have a fantastic week and please ask your vendor for Motherhood!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


I kind of comtemplated this title a bit just because I know there are people that may not agree, however there are so many elements of this look that work in Favour as this style being a classic.

Things like comfort and neutrality are basic elements that make for a staple piece. The fact that it can be dressed up or dressed down, styled in a glamorous fashion, worn formally to the office, around the house on a lazy weekend is quite interesting.

So I know when people talk about a white shirt as being a wardrobe staple, it's mostly about a women's shirt and that works too but you won't be getting the same effortless, I can pull off anything look. 

Some people may be a little hesitant wearing something so oversized seeing as if worn wrongly you can actually look like you're not wearing your own clothes which is not the aim. I have to confess though, I read one time, can't remember where that wearing oversized clothes is actually a trick to make you look skinnier and the likes of Rachel Zoe, blogger Haute Pursuit, Nicole Richie and Karla Deras of Karla's Closet have proved this times without number.

Style tip: when wearing pieces meant for him, always keep it androgynous. So for instance if you wanted a chic look, add a pencil skirt or maybe some heels. If you however like to be more tomboy with a pair of sneakers, make sure to add feminine elements like well groomed hair, a nice pair of earrings or a chic neckpiece.

Here I was going for sleek and chic but with a little street via the big ass chain. What is it they call it sophisti-ratchet. Lol. Enjoy.

I also found some cooler ways to wear the staple.

Karla Deras. I'm definitely trying this soon. Just working on getting my thighs skinny

           Bogger, Style by Yellow Button

Model Seyi Adetayo wearing a look from Toju Foyeh which I styled last year.

Kourtney Kardashian

           Sharon Stone


Xoxo. Lots of love and happy experimenting!

Saturday, 28 February 2015


I love this sweater. I'm not even gonna lie. The floral appliqu├ęs had me at hello.

Wore it here previously.

I'm wearring a medium, one size above my normal small size just because I like my shit roomy.

This is me on a good day. Comfort first.

It's getting chilly again with the rains and a good time to keep warm

I talked about the Zara Store upstairs of spar in the previous post. Do check it out.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Now when you go to Dubai there's the pressing need to shop.  The experience is cray on another level especially if you go during a sale period like I did. I'm talking 75% discounts, buy one get one free type shit!

If it's ever your first time be careful how you spend at the Dubai mall. Things are soo expensive. I was actually going to start shopping there but being the Naija babe I am, my calculator was with me as expected and as I started doing conversions I'm like nah son. In many cases prices in Lagos were even cheaper. Mba.

 Deira City Centre is preferable price wise. There is also the Emirates mall, Wafi mall and a few others. These malls are huge so depending on how long you're staying you may not even get to finish one mall. I did 2 days of shopping and only went half of Deira City Centre. There is also the open market which can be good for things like fabric, abayas, jewellery, etc but I would advise not to buy named brands at the market cos you could be buying fake products. It's best to do your shopping at the mall so if you need eg a pair of reebok sneakers go to a proper reebok shop.

Shopping really is cardio. Sweet cardio. No jokes. Went to sooo many stores. Can't post all of the haul but here are a few purchases I really liked. 

            Buy one get one free at next was the bomb. Bought the purse and go the shoes for free.

           Found this lovely laptop sleeve and sneakers at Bershka. I thought they went well together.

Walked a little further and found a white pair of converse which honestly was what I was looking for initially but found the Bershka first. Oh well. Yeah let me add this. Before you buy any pair of converse sneakers from a dealership ( it's better to buy from converse but they may be out of stock for what you want) be sure you're very familiar with what to look out for. I'm telling you there are so many fakes and they look and feel like the real thing it's sad. Google and YouTube will serve you well for this.

I also loved these from Sketchers.

        H&M was live mad sales plus new collection in. This structured bad had my name all over it. It's from their new collection. . Got the black but the other bone colour still haunts me as I type.

Crazy mark-downs at Balmain had me feeling all type of ways. You know that feeling after you buy something and you don't mind leaving your receipt and change.. You just want to run before they change their mind like "sorry mam it was a mistake, this one, not on sale" gag!

Splash! That's the name. This store had like the best worded tshirts I've ever come across. I really do miss my pre-internet brain. I google everything now even spellings. Makes me a little sick sometimes. I've taken up reading books againto help with that. If you go to Dubai you have to visit the store.

I also went to the open market/Souk. When in a foreign country you need to be careful about going to the market. People can always tell you're a foreigner and there are lots of bad people all around. I'm used to this although I have to confess living in Lagos makes you well prepared and sadly more paranoid. In my experience Dubai is pretty safe. I only encountered one shady guy. He approached me and said he had original LV purses for sale but there were in a stall upstairs. I looked at where he was pointing to and it was a back staircase. I just laughed! Ode! Oh yeah and there were some Ibo guys who'll walk up to you selling Brazilian hair lagos island style. I burst out laughing!

The Souk was amazing. I loved these bejewelled Indian purses

Buy an Abaya was on my to-do list. Ended up buying two cos I couldn't decide between the white and yellow. Always look out for the hand stitched ones as the jewels tend to stay on longer as opposed to the glued ones.

I might need to stop here. So much happened in so little time and time was not enough cos I had only 4 days. I thought it would be enough but it wasn't and I want to go back!

Enjoy your week. Xoxo!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hi Guys,

Mean meaning to blog about my trip to the UAE for a while now but it's hard when there's work looming over your head. Also blame it on Instagram. As a matter of fact I think I blamed IG in my last post. Not too sure. That shit is addictive.

Anyhoos to my trip... Let me just say this first. I'm not much of a traveller. I've only taken trips around Nigeria. For work I'm always cool but for a family wedding, visit etc, I always go grudgingly. I'm always like why do people need to travel to relax( I don't believe still). For me perfect relaxation is watching Big bang theory marathon with hot and spicy indomie. I've had a friend invite me to take a trip to Kenya. I'm like Kenya, put money away to go to Kenya? What for? And she's like the experience, the culture food, etc. if you ask me I'd just read about it. It's what my parents said. If you're curious about a place read about it. Great money saving tip. 

She tried again to get me to go to some Beach resort in Lagos Inagbe. Lol. This is so unfair of me but I laughed it off. I'm sorry if you read this Chinwe. However Dubai did hold a promise of great shopping and a perfect first international trip if I do say so myself. I have to add though that I contemplated it a little seeing as I shop a lot (for clients) every other day here in Nigeria because of my job. I'm always in and out of a designer store, sample show room, market, boutique etc it can be quite nauseating at times so I was a little wary of doing the same thing on my trip and I literally had to talk myself out of shopping for work on the trip. Just myself and of course friends and family and I had a blast.

It was very impromptu, I made up my mind last minute, didn't think I could get a visa within a week but I did and it was fingers crossed!

The Emirates flight was splendid, they had really nice food better than I was expecting and lots of movies to watch. I nodded off a bit and before I knew it voila Dubai! About 7hours I think. Their airport is so beautiful I was in awe. Everything was working unlike back home.

I had to ignore their 'No photography' sign. No photography? How cocky. Just because you have a beautiful airport and beautiful custom officers and beautiful fresh people?

         God bless Agbani Darego for this carry all. Perfect for hand luggage.

Day one was spent generally faffing around seeing the town etc. Got invited to a marketing thing for people who wanted to buy houses in Atlantis. Apparently I looked like I could afford it. The gift at the end of the long talk was a free ticket for a Desert Safari Cruise and dinner and which I fared around the streets a bit more and ended the night at the Dubai Mall. (Not pictured unfortunately I was enjoying myself so much I didn't realise I forgot to take pictures. Infact a whole lot isn't pictured where do I want to start from?lol) 

            I always make it a point if duty to take Mirror Selfies because well..DIY and other people can't take better pictures of you.

Next day early morning was spent at breakfast till (and not one second earlier) breakfast closed. If you get what I mean! 

Then off to enjoy the Safari cruise. Now make no mistakes it is NOT a cruise. Seeing the very high and low planes. I was a little scared but when the Arab driver said "there are plastic bags by the doors if you feel like vomiting". I was like why?? Truth is I didn't think it would be such a bumpy ride. I never experredd it and before I could say jack vomitttttt! I was so embarrassed. My ancestors would not have liked that. But I did enjoy it tho and enjoyed the dinner afterwards too.

      Made fast friends with Yvonne from Zimbabwe. She is an air hostess and she had a few days off work. 

       Desert selfie!

Back inside the camp we were treated to displays of Arab culture like the belly dancing, then there was this dancer with a fully lit robe/coat that did so many stunts. Not pictured. I have a video though. When I figure how to upload it here.

        Not bad at all. I have to say for someone who doesn't really care so much about other cultures, I really did get into it. 

        A little bit of everything cos I'm a grub. The rice was horrible tho and the creamy sauce. Something's shouldn't be ok like putting so much colour on rice. Don't try it.

     Beautiful Sunset.

I had a blast! Will do a follow up post on my shopping experience! It was crazy fun. Xoxo!

Friday, 2 January 2015


The race tracks are a lot like life. Very far from something mundane. I took up outdoor running as a fitness routine towards the end of 2014. 1) Because I needed the motivation that came from being around people with Similar goals 2) because gym membership in Lagos is not pocket friendly at all. 

Anyway to the point. When you first start out, you feel like a complete slob. You discover that after one lap you're panting like your life about to be over. It's can be embarrassing. You may feel the need to impress sometimes. Now this is the worst. You're just on your own lazily doing your laps when one of these show offs will just sprint past you and you start to regret all the akpu you have been eating but not one to be defeated you try to run up and over take him/her, use up all your energy for that and yes you may be successful but then that's as far as you will go. After a few mins you find out you can't go on and that person will catch up to you and overtake you again. This is so much like life, the competition, sometimes I can't deal with it.

Healthy competition is good, it pushes you to challenge yourself, increase your speed and strength but all at your own pace, the pace you can handle. If you focus too much on beating the competition, you will burn out eventually. Because you have worked against what your mind and body can handle.

These days I realise that I'm able to run longer, my endurance level is wayyy up and sometimes I meet people on the tracks who feel like I'm showing off so they want to race with me and I just smile. You don't know where I'm coming from. I was able to do this my running at my pace for a considerable amount of time, getting bored with my speed and pushing myself further. You don't know about my slob days, the days when I could only do 10 sit-ups, when I couldn't touch my toes and when I believed people that did 500 crunches were gods. 

I didn't get stronger because I wanted to be like someone else so bad. No the motivation came from within me. I'm definitely not where I will like to be yet but I know it's possible if I stay on course. 

That's the lesson in all of this. There used to be a time when I would say avoid competition totally but I do realise a healthy dose is helpful every now and again but never put it above staying on your own course. 

These photos were taken when I styled and co-ordinated EL RUNWAY on Ebony Life tv Ch 165. Seeing My company name on the end credits, definitely a high point of 2014. That I even have a company. It humbles me. 

Sometimes I look back at myself and remember how I started out for a career in Fashion. I remember it like yesterday. The struggles of internship, lugging sample pieces all over the place, going to the designer showrooms, the long hours in buses and taxis. I'm just a girl doing what I love that I get paid for it, is just God. I hope to post more this year and to push myself harder. 

I wish you a splendid 2015

                                             Tunji Rhobes


                      Models in the line up for Shakara Couture

                                                Backstage model right in Belois
                   The Line up at Belois

Designer Remi Owadokun of buttons couture taking her final work with the model in her signature piece for the show.

    Backstage with models.

             The line up for Jason Porshe. Style tip. If you can't find a skinny enough male model in a menswear show, use a girl. They look good in anything.

That's all. Be sure to catch up on the show. ch 165 Ebony Life tv