Thursday, 27 August 2015


This is not a religious blog but I'm Christian so sometimes I will talk about some certain things. There are times I feel like it's a little difficult to live in a worldly fashion and still be religious.

I was at Mass not too long ago and the Priest started his homily with the part where Jesus asked his disciples "who do people say I am" he went on to explain that Jesus was interested in knowing how people perceived him. (I think there was a part where he was more interested in what his guys believed so he asked who do 'you' say I am. But this is me digressing) 

Anyway back to the homily, he went on to explain how it is important to make sure people see us in a good light and how we should live examplary lives etc. This got me thinking. In the world today, you hear people say stuff like *i don't care what the world thinks of me as long as I know me* or "zero f**** for your opinion" and so on.. Truth is, it is really difficult to be a good person to everyone or for your life to be examplary in these times. People are difficult to please generally. Moreso, I  find that as we go through life we are perceived differently by different people. Most times, the attitude we give off by default stems from how a person treats us. It's an action-reaction cycle. From little things to big things. For instance if two incompatible people get into a relationship and breakup, one of the partners might describe the other as stubborn, inconsiderate etc. However in a whole other relationship where both parties are compatible, same person could be described as warm, caring etc.

To a lazy colleague, you may be described as a pain in the a*** perfectionist, nagging human being and so on.

I have this cousin, my mum's cousin actually, he was always that one person my parents made an example of. He went to public primary and secondary schools in Nigeria, university here as well, and he always came out top of his class. He became a Dr of one of the sciences and actually got a job as a lecturer in the same university he went to, got married, had kids all before turning 28! To us he was just out of this world amazing but one day I was speaking to a friend who was in his department and i said "hey I'm sure you know my cousin, he may be one of your lecturers" and her description of him was crazy horrible. She went "that silly randy guy very wicked and stupid human" apparently he had been eyeing her friend in the same class and was giving her a hard time with school work. I couldn't believe it and nothing I said in his defense meant anything to her. He was a slimy human who didn't care about the sacrament of marriage or anything close to it.

Anyway I don't know if that was a good enough example of what I'm trying to express. Thing is ultimately, it is a bit of a struggle being concerned about how people speak of you but then again the holy book says you should care. In practical it is hard. So what do you do?

Personally I used to care but these days, I can't even honestly tell you one person I care for their opinion of me and that's the truth. However I find that  'I' do care about giving off an irresponsible vibe more than anything, So I try not to be late for meetings and shoots or give silly excuses when I'm not able to complete a task before a deadline. I care about how I look when I go out ( not everytime though sometimes I take 'off days) cos I find I can't stand people who manage to look bad all the time. I care about wasting time on irrelevant things. 

I notice there's a lot of 'I care about how I' in my life and lately I've been trying to change things and see things from other people's eyes. Family and friends of course and maybe later, the world but I can't promise that.

Speaking of what people think, how do you see my tie-dye heart strings jumpsuit below. Lol.

It is from Republic of Foreigner ROF and off their Fall 2013 collection. 

These photos were taken backstage guest presenting on Spice Tv's 'Spice Most' it's on Dstv Ch 192. The show is basically about Fashion Insiders giving their 2 cents on a topic of the day. This episode was Most stylish black/African icons and the trends that they set. 

Blog again soon Xoxo!

PS: Empire is back in a few weeks. I really don't know how excited I am for it. I feel like Power knocked it out of the race. There was really no need to ever compare the two shows. Have you been following Power? Honestly Jamie and Angie deserve an award for onscreen chemistry. The way she calls Ghost alone deserves a special award. "Jamieeeee" that girl is too sexual biko, Tasha needs to take several seats and appreciate.. I kid! Those two are just despicable lol.

Monday, 24 August 2015


Hi Guys, 

Long time no blog. I've been so distracted lately. Apologies.

Just wanted to bring you guys some reallyyy good information.

Now if you're a 'buy Nigerian' fashionista then you know that Grey is one of the coolest brands around. Cool is good yes...but what's even better is the quality of Grey's pieces are way up on the great clothing ladder. Cut, fit, fabric feel, all excellent everytime. Good things are always a little above the average price point if you know what I mean, but that's why information like this just brings with it so much joy! Without further ado.Drumroll!!!

Date is the 29th and 30th of August 2015. That's a few days from today! There'll be delicious cocktails, a chance to view some pieces of their new collection and you'll be able to shop from other complementary brands vendors. 

Just to add again, this is a NOTHING LEFT HANGING sale. 

Excuse me while I go set my alarm!

Cheers and have a fantastic week. Xoxo


Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Probably written this post like a gazillion times in my head before. Does that happen to anyone, mentally doing something without actually doing

Working very hard on sticking to what I say I'm going to do. Traffic gets the best of me in Lagos, work plus so many other distractions too, but life's still good.

Hope you've had an amazing week so far. I love love this tshirt by Kingdom Tees. (Something New).

 It was part of the front row goodie bags at the last Lagos Fashion and Design Week. I was so pleased to get one in a good size for me. Funny I didn't wear it for quite a while,but since pairing it with this skirt I have worn it so many other times not pictured.

The Skirt and Purse (Something Old) belonged to my mum and my great grand mum respectively. Purse is still one of the most loved pieces in my closet.

The sneakers (Something New) I picked up from the Bershka store my last holiday. 

My pictures I try to keep as pedestrian as possible. So I don't do professional pics or retouching. Maybe someday, who knows! but for now...


Tuesday, 7 July 2015


There was a time in my life when I seemed to always be the tallest/ biggest among my mates. It was very shortlived though cos I think it ended like Js1. Back in primary school all through my time there, I  was always last in line at assembly cos I was 'tall'. Made to sit at the back in  class cos short people needed to be in front. I was even taller than my elder brother who's a year older. Then like a flash, the witches in my village conspired and I stopped growing. Like literally stopped and I noticed it. I tried to eat beans every night with my dad but no luck. The sheer heart break watching my brother just grow taller and taller while I remained stunted. *sigh* anyway all fingers are not the same.

Fast forward to a few years ago. I had to help my brother do some major work on a car so I found this guy who was supposed to be better than a regular roadside mechanic. He ended up being worse and I needed the money back. It was a lot. Hundreds of thousands and the guy was being an a**hole. So I called up a male friend who I knew could help. We all need a Tony Soprano in our lives. For some it could be their very quiet but deadly brother, a crazy friend, custom agent mum, soldier uncle etc. One way or the other they come through for us when we get bullied in real life not all this social media bullying B.S

Anyway after the brouhaha and we recovered the money, my friend made a very funny comment. He goes "but Ifeoma you know somebody of your size doesn't need to deal with mechanics. They will always cheat you. Look at you" I was just like dude!! Did I believe him? Yes and no. But Yes to a certain extent. In this part of the world the huge fat man is seen to be more powerful/richer/stronger than a skinny dude in jeans and tshirt. In church ushers will give more respect to a robust Woman in a flamboyant gele than to a skinny sister in a wrap dress. It's the way of the world. One time on tv I think it was on the show crime fighters. This guy got caught for fooling people into believing he was a senior military officer. He was huge and dark, who would've thought to doubt him if he never got caught? lol.

Do you think a person's size matters?

Anyway fashion these days doesn't seem to care so much about size. Here I'm wearing my go-to/one nation bf jeans and oversized mens' tunic/buba by JZO. Read the brand's feature on Elle South Africa here and you can follow them on Instagram @jzofashion

Purse: Aldo 
Shoes: TNL
Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo
Cheers and may the rest of your week be amazing. Xoxo!

Monday, 22 June 2015


Been ill for the past four days. Malaria  There's this weird thing whenever I'm ill I try to imagine the exact time/point that the illness leaves my body like the last trace. Sometimes i get it other times not quite.  Don't ask me why it's just a thing. 

If I'm ever confused or not sure I have malaria, when the nightmares start I know for sure. I often wonder why they don't list that as a symptom seeing as  it happens to me all the time and I'm sure I'm not the only one or that would be strange. 

In the last four days I've had over 8 bad dreams. Three of which I remembered clearly till this afternoon when the nightmares stopped and I had a Sweet Ghost dream. I mean Ghost from Power. Damn that dude is fine af. God forgive me but I might just go to sleep again. Angela Valdez is having a blast. If you don't watch Power you're probably lost so guy I'm talking about is Omari Hardwick. Ok you get it now.  Anyway point of the story is that's how I know Malaria has now left my body. Nightmares have been replaced by *cough*

Pls don't even preach here. Thanks. 

On Sunday, I took a break from my sick bed, put on some makeup and a tight dress to BLD by Play in Lekki to attend my friend Shade's bridal shower. It was a blast because we are friends from secondary school and you know how it is when old friends get back together. The nostalgia was too real. Going to boarding school in FGGC Sagamu was possibly one of the happiest periods of my life wicked seniors et all cos. I became a senior and I'm not sure if I was all nice. Anyway judge not. 

It's been a long time we left secondary school 15yrs so we had to meet her other friends. Those from Uni and those from work etc and that was fun, everyone spoke about how they met the bride and how they became friends with her. My friends did not/have not changed one bit and I realised it during the how well do you know the bride game. Those that used to dub still dubbed and I really felt like throwing a tantrum for not winning any prize. I was screaming it's not fair!! But I quickly checked myself.  Damn people don't change I was so happy I attended as I almost did not cos I really felt weak. But I guess you can't tell from pictures. Thanks to science.


Clockwise- Ajala, Laitan and Shade. They were the organizers and had to make sure Sade never suspected a thing till that day. She thought she was coming to a Father's Day party for another friend's husband. Lol. Seriously. Never heard of anyone who threw a Father's Day party.

        Keke, Shade's friend from work arguing about not getting some answers about the bride right. 

Games time! Bimbo, light skin girl on the left has had her face exactly the same say since secondary school I'm not kidding. Always the same tight ponytail and wind in a tunnel face. No jokes. She'll probably be the same way when she's 70.

       We were laughing so hard tho.

Bumped into my friend Omon who came to brunch at the restaurant too. We snuck away for a mirror selfie cos she found a mirror somewhere in the back and couldn't resist. Omon is the creative director of Belois Couture. She won the Multichoice Fashion Protege and is an awesome designer.

Have a blessed week Xoxo.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Ok. Not the raw some of you dirty minds have...But yeah there was a time I thought I could never eat my salad sans cream like what am I a cow? I always assumed the compensation for having to eat raw vegetables was the generous cream dressing. Fast forward to my fitfam obsession nothing is off limits as long as it promises to fight my fat I will grind away like a damn herbivore.The other day I blended my salad into a smoothie and drank it. Me of all people I used to be such a sweet tooth. Truth is at the end of the day it's not that ridiculous or cringe worthy. As a matter of fact I have actually started enjoying it. What is crazy tho is I convinced my mum to try it too. My mum is Naija old school where milo = tea, salads should be lathered with Heinz cream etc She don't got time for wholistic shit. She will eat semo at 10pm like it's normal. So imagine my surprise when I offered her a no cream bowl of salad and she said sure! The world may be coming to an end.

This past weekend on Nigerian social media was rife with cheating tales. Dear Men can we never win with you? *sigh. I really felt bad for Toke Makinwa just because as a fellow woman and someone who has been there personally hell almost every female I know has at least one time been involved in a web of relationship lies/ woes. Deny and let Amadioha strike you. Lol. We can joke about it but it's quite hurtful especially when the whole world makes it their business too. *cringe! 

Let me say this yeah, In this life for whatever reason we are attracted to a beautiful picture. We love love, we all want to be seen as stable, want our relationships with the opposite sex to be sincere etc. we are so hell bent on a picture that often times, we subconsciously place people on a pedestal that they do not deserve and fail to see reality even when it's knocking us on the head. So for instance you have a boo who uses "I" all the time but you prefer to use "we" and then you go ahead and think you're in a relationship? Well maybe with yourself. 

Then there's the very common one. The ones that never pick up the phone to call. Excuse me? Who is he calling, is he busier than the president? These are regular red flags. Then you graduate to those men that seem to have drama around them either a baby mama, an ex they tell you is a clingy or someone that won't let them be. Lies lies lies!

 If this is you pls just pour a bucket of cold water on your head and wake up! Truth is and I'm talking from experiencing both sides. A guy that is thinking of you WILL call you and you'll even loose count of how many times a day or week. C'est fini.  A man that is serious will definitely not let you into his baby mama drama, crazy ex bullocks. If you ignore all this signs, then you're setting yourself up to be embarrassed in the future. And there are cases where it all checks out fine but one way or the other he still embarrasses you. It's still ok. The devil finds a way to use people sometimes. Especially them. Personally I always say Men will be men. Just pick a lesser evil and one you can live with.

The one I find most ridiculous is when women feel like they won a kind of race. Like he picked me over all the hoes. You are not an option! It's ridiculous. Men truly need to do better. I had this one ex who at a time, everything that came out of his mouth was just lies upon lies. My god. I can laugh now but it definitely wasn't funny then. It's like I blinked and I was caught up in a love triangle where after every 12 hours my position rotated from boo, to ex-boo then to 'I choose you boo' and the cycle went on and on. Of course there was the story of the other female being "clingy" and "crazy". I'm sure the same was being said about me too. In situations like this I think the best thing to do which I did eventually is to put your emotions aside, analyse your situation, remember your upbringing and save yourself. 

Cool story... so that period yeah I saw online where one of us dedicated a song I really liked to this fellow and I was so pained and for years everytime I listened to the CD I would skip the song. Fast forward to few years ago I was about skipping the song in my car when I know what ...I really like this song. I'm not going to skip it and then weird I know but I just started laughing hysterically like  stupid girl almost ruined a BeyoncĂ© song for me. Lmao. Shiiiiiiiii.

 I don't know if this helps anyone but one of the easiest ways to heal for me is radio silence and it helped me that period. I'm talking a bunch of missed calls, text msgs, bb msgs and all was met with radio silence then it would go to insults and I'll just laugh like even if you insult my mother It would still be radio silence. Of course there were times when I was bugged into a response but I made sure it never lead back to constant communication. 

Yes onto some fashion. At the just concluded Graduate Fashion week in the UK early this month I was really impressed with the work of Yasmeen Uddin from xxxxx university. I followed as many of the shows as I could online and there were so many great talents. The theme for Yasmeen's collection was 'who are you wearing' It featured exaggerated images of famous fashion faces from Grace Jones to Anna Wintour on loosely tailored silhouettes.  Loved loved every single piece!

                     Rick Owens

                       Coco Chanel

                     Grace Jones


                      Anna Wintour

                    Iris Afpel

Ps: my blog is a personal blog and I love to do random posts and outfit posts. However I will post my work from time to time. But feel free to peep a few on my Instagram @hyperfashun. Mention me and I'll love to follow you right back.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Shouldn't you do a review when you just get a product or at least not too long after? Well I guess that's the beauty of your own blog. 

Straight to the point, the perfume is the truth, like the ultimate truth. I first came in contact with it at the Launch by Essenza here in Lagos. I had gone to the mall (palms lekki) and I couldn't help but wonder why the whole place smelled so heavenly. I thought is the president visiting? but traffic outside said otherwise. Anyway they had their sales reps at different areas of the mall, spraying the scent all over the place and letting customers try out. It was those I have to have it ones. No doubt! 

Si is Italian for Yes. Simple word but very inspirational. So it can be yes to anything. Yes to a good life, yes to dressing well, yes to great relationships etc. the perfume was launched in 2013 so it's obviously intended for the modern woman, it's supposed to invoke sophistication and class hence the choice of Cate Blanchett as the face. Can up you think up anyone more distinguished and  classy? 

The Notes you can expect are blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre, and blond wood musk with touches of freesia and May rose. At first it's intense but not too strong or choking but then it lingers softly I'm talking over 24 hours here. 

If you use or have used this fragrance you have to agree with me that there are no in-betweens (unlike another I tried sometime ago and can't seem to decide what pushed me) you either love it or I don't know....maybe you can't be pleased.

I've had mine for about 8 months or so. I use it all the time as can be seen. I will definitely purchase another bottle.

Ps- I'm always looking to try new stuff. Which is/are your favs. Share the secret!