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Road to Stylist

Hey there,

My week has been super super busy. So much is going on with me now. I can hardly catch a break. The life of a stylist is not all fun and games you know. But it is still fun. Your life is safety pins,clothes, cabs, cameras, endless shoots, fittings, steamers, trips to designer stores, clients, and a whole load of stuff that never ends.So yea....

I'm also very excited to be working on some really interesting projects like the studio 53 Xtra, Maltina dance-all, (Kemi Adetiba is all kinds of awesome btw she lets you know exactly what she likes.), Elite model look, and some others i cannot talk about at the moment. This past week went by in a flash and there is still sooo much to be done.  

Sunday was rest day so  i decided to go for some retail therapy support my friend Bidemi of Biddy's Mondo at the monthly market LPM. I took photos but my camera is giving me a hard time. Cant transfer the photos to my laptop. As soon as i'm able to do that, i'll put them up. Lots of cool finds and amazing talent on display.

And  this is a tired faced me. I was running through the halls of the hotel at the Maltina taping when i stopped to take a quick photo with my phone. lol.

Peace, Love and Sequins.
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