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Behind the scenes: Bridget Awoshika for Elite.

Hi lovelies,
As you may already know, i was part of the creative team for Elite. I also had to work on Maltina dance-all as well as the Clan Lookbook side by side. So for me, it was a week of hotel food, elevators, stairs, clothes, etc. I tried to take a lot of pictures but my camera died on me so many times, its a miracle i managed to get any photos at all. However I'll post all the pictures i can find in the coming week

Fab designer and graduate of Parsons, Bridget Awoshika closed the show at Elite and she did not disappoint. Here are photos from the fitting done earlier in the week.

Oiza Olayebi. Her walk is so fierce. I was actually rooting for her. I know i'm booking her someday soon.

She eventually wore this white dress and Eku Edewor wore the dress above to anchor the show


 Uwai Udoma

 Dorathy Alieze

 Loveth Okolo

 Rebecca Areola

 Rukky Imalele

 Sharon Egwurebe

Chinwe Ejire (The Winner)

Funmilayo Adeoye


 Rita Olivia


  Peace, Love and Sequins.
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