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DIY Blouse

The fun in thriftin is not knowing what you will find. It's like a treasure hunt. So imagine my disappointment when i went hunting and couldn't find anything. I ended up in this woman's store and everything she had was just... i dont no.. ugly. However she kept begging me to just take something. It didn't help that her husband was begging me as well. So i took this very ugly skirt and as i made to leave i spotted this dress. Immediately i saw it i knew what i wanted to do with it. Of course i dropped the skirt.

So i cut off the bottom half,

 and made me a new blouse.

I paired it with this vintage Alfred Dunner print skirt which i had also altered by cutting it shorter than its original length ( you can't see the whole of it but there isn't so much more left from where the photo ends). I'm not very tall so i can get away with wearing short anything.

Stripes and prints. You don't say! Well rules are meant to be broken. This worked for me so hey...lol

 Excuse the bathroom photos. :-)

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