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Maju at LPM

Maju is like high street. Very affordable like tops for N3500 and all. They had so many gorgeous and trendy pieces plus they were on sale at this month's market so the stall was crowded like really crowded.

You know how you buy stuff and there's this one item you leave behind wondering should i or should i not. Oh well... after like 2mins it was taken and i was burnt! But i got stuff i really liked as well so in the end  i was still happy. 

Some of these pictures i took with my camera and some with my cell phone so erm..... *clears throat*

Chiffon blouse with detachable faux pearl and metal necklace.

I got this combo. I really love the colours especially the skirt i also got another in electric blue. Excuse my cell phone camera. The colours are brighter on ground.

This bag... i had to have. Maju bags are gorgeous.

And these i put on hold.

The designer, Motunrayo Jimoh . See more Maju pieces here. You can also call them on +234-802-736-9104,  +234-805-580-2281

Peace, Love and Sequins.
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