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Birthday Love


Hi ya, 
So sorry my blog posts haven't been so regular. I've been swarmed with lots and lots of stuff to do. I was saying on twitter sometime ago about how i have so many ideas for my blog which i haven't come around to implementing yet. I'm not someone who procrastinates so i must make out that time.

Anyways it was my birthday yesterday. I didn't plan anything. I already knew there was no way i was getting out of work. You say when I'm not behind the scenes of a fashion shoot, putting together mood boards or dashing to a designer store, I'm a very stylish HR manager at a software company.*smiles* At the moment things are pretty busy for me coupled with some fashion jobs i have to do on the side. I just zeroed my mind towards having a boring birthday at my desk.

I was wrong though. While i was sat at my desk swarmed with resumes and wondering if like me, my birthday mate kelly Osborne was having such a boring day, my best friend Folakunle surprised me by showing up at my office with a special cake. I love this my friend to death. As usual once she settled in, gist was set in motion. Wild laughter, loud voices, all the works. We didn't even mind that there's just a glass partition separating my desk from my MD. Haha! i'm sure he must've been like. make she carry go. everyday no be Christmas. lol

Let me just say thank you again to everyone for the bday msgs. I had to put my phone on silent mode for sometime so my colleagues could focus on their work. Bbm, calls, sms Fb, twitter. Wow! i felt so loved :) Thanks guys.

Peace, Love and Sequins.

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