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Walking Tall

Hi ya,
So as a glorified stan of ANTM, you can imagine my excitement when i first heard this cycle, the 17th, was an All star one. I don't know who else is following but the drama this cycle is major! First, almost all the girls are grown and are now working models, TV presenters, some others behind the scenes, and all have been pretty successful, . So there's a lot of  'You must not be speaking 2 me did u not see my face on your tv?" I'm loving it wallahi. This season is not necessarily about looking for a girl who can be a model. Its more about who can be a bankable brand and who is a star.

So here's a rundown of the 13 All-star cast. There's Shannon Ratliff from cycle 1, Camille McDonald from cycle 2, the diva with the famous quote. "its my signature walk. its what's gonna make me famous" when the judges said they didn't really fancy her walk. Diva alert! Brittany Brower from cycle 4, Lisa D'Amato from cycle 5, Brittany "Bre" Scullark from cycle 5, Bianca Golden from Cycle 9( she looks so much like Nigerian model/actress Kendra from Jacob's cross), Dominique Reighard from cycle 10 a personal favourite. She had this famous quote" I'm gonna show him you can't put a price on 'all of this'. referring to her body, when asked about her abusive ex-boyfriend, Isis king from cycle 11 the transgender who has since last time had gender re-assignment surgery and i have to admit she's hot. she was famous for saying "I've got more woman in me than all these B*****s put together. talk about self confidence, Sheena Sakai from cycle 11, Allison Havard from cycle 12, Laura Kirkpatric from cycle 13, Angelea Preston from cycle 14, Kayla Ferrel the proud lesbian from cycle 15 and Aleandra Everett from cycle 16

ANTM is known for coining several words such as Dreckitude, smize, Frieyes(opposite of smize), and most recently 'booty tooch' (popping your booty out in a photo to give an illusion of a well rounded, well sculpted behind.) Haha! i like that!

But what i love the most is the crazy photo shoots and there have been some weird ones, from the crawling creatures, to underwater shoots, dead body shoots, and this recent one with the stilts c which i so so love. Infact i had my mouth open while watching it. Its amazing. The idea of broken down dolls. Genius!

This is from episode 3. Brittany Brower had been evicted earlier.


Dominique and kayla

Angelea and Allison

 Allison is doing the booty tooch and Angelea....not quite!

Lisa and Bianca

(Do you see the resemblance between Bianca and Kendra)

Alexandria and Shannon 

Camille and Isis

Bre and Laura

You like?

 Peace, Love and Sequins.

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