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Girl Meets Boy

Awhile back, i was doing one of my favourite dos visiting fashion sites and i stumbled on this photo showing how to wear brogues for different occasions. I always love a 'one item many ways feature'. They are always so inspiring. So i wanted to share with my readers. I'm not really into the whole androgynous dressing in fact i shy away from anything with a masculine feel to it (wristwatches not inclusive). So anytime i wear brogues, i make sure that the rest of my ensemble is super feminine. 

I whipped out my shoes that had been lying around, and since then i've worn them to my 9-5, on shoots, to the movies etc. Here i was just back home from my style assistant gig on Mnet Studio 53 Extra and I'd had a long day pulling looks for some other shoot. I did not get a chance to take a  photo during the day as i was super busy and there is nothing as unprofessional as taking photos of yourself while you are with clients Lol.

You like?

Bag- J.J Wally by JamesLully (Proudly Nigerian)
Skirt-Vintage Alfred Dunner
Top & Belt- Atmosphere

Peace, Love and Sequins.
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