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So sometime last week i tweeted that almost everything i had on was at least 25yrs old. One of my male friends was like *passes out* duh! I wonder why boys don't understand fashion. *side eye*

Anyway i didn't have a camera that day so YES i re-rocked the look and got me some photos. Lol. Enjoy.

This silk blouse and wrap skirt belonged to my mum. She wore them in the 80s. I took up the hem of the skirt and made it tighter by moving all the buttons a few inches from their original positions. I also had to take the blouse in at the sides. The Obioma didn't disappoint right?

I know i said these items were at least 25 yrs old but nope wait for it... This vintage Valentino Rudy purse belonged to Nne Nwobi and guess who she was. *Drumrolllll* My mum's Grandma!! ha!

My horse and Elephant :) I'm into these beastly Jewellery. You like?. Btw that's a female skull on my index finger in the 2nd  photo.

My lovely earrings from Retrospective store in Lagos . They sell the most amazing vintage jewellery. I don't know exactly how old they are but i'd like to think they are very very old. Lol

Peace, Love and Sequins.

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