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Hi ya,

So i stumbled on these photos of Jennifer Hudson on set of a Vanity fair shoot a few days ago. She was all dolled up and rocking this yellow chiffon gown by Maria Lucia Hohan and Giuseppe Zanotti crystal embellished wedges.

You know.. i'm a fan of 'the girl that lost weight' simply because it takes discipline to say oh i don't like the way this or that part of my body looks and actually going further to eat healthy and exercise to get the body you want. I know how many times i say i'm gonna work out and some days i try. But most of the time, i just cant be bothered. Really. And don't even get me started on the processed rubbish i'm always throwing in my handbag in the name of snacking. So yeah.

Some people say she looked better in her old size. Oh well i disagree. She was fine no doubt but i think she looks absolutely gorgeous now. She's been able to keep the weight off too. That is a plus.

What do you think?

Peace, Love and Sequins.

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