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So on the 18th of December my friend Adaora invited me for an event she had been working on. The COPA Lagos Beach soccer event. It was the same day as the L'ESPACE launch and also Rhythm Unplugged Comedy Show. As usual the what to wear question came up. I had worked all day the prevoious day. I was feeling so sick and didn't really have the time to be changing outfits from the beach event to the other more dressy events.

So here's what i did. I went this way to COPA Lagos

COPA Lagos was a very fun event. I've never seen so many beautiful people gathered together in one place before. I hear they have another one in June and dude i'm so in there! My sickness disappeared and i almost didn't wanna leave until i remembered i had to dash to L'ESPACE to pick up some jewellery for Studio 53 Extra shoot the following day.

Afterwards, i got rid of the satchel, took off the ballet flats and threw on a balck blazer, patent leather heels and a purse and ran off to meet my friend Chinwe at Eko hotel for Rhythm Unplugged. My main reason for going was to see Mike Epps but he didnt show up because he was scared of Boko Haram. I cant blame him tho.

Maju skirt
JLO heels
Next silk blouse
TopShop Jacket

Peace, Love and Sequins.
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