Friday, 28 October 2011

Birthday Love

Hi ya, 
So sorry my blog posts haven't been so regular. I've been swarmed with lots and lots of stuff to do. I was saying on twitter sometime ago about how i have so many ideas for my blog which i haven't come around to implementing yet. I'm not someone who procrastinates so i must make out that time.

Anyways it was my birthday yesterday. I didn't plan anything. I already knew there was no way i was getting out of work. You say when I'm not behind the scenes of a fashion shoot, putting together mood boards or dashing to a designer store, I'm a very stylish HR manager at a software company.*smiles* At the moment things are pretty busy for me coupled with some fashion jobs i have to do on the side. I just zeroed my mind towards having a boring birthday at my desk.

I was wrong though. While i was sat at my desk swarmed with resumes and wondering if like me, my birthday mate kelly Osborne was having such a boring day, my best friend Folakunle surprised me by showing up at my office with a special cake. I love this my friend to death. As usual once she settled in, gist was set in motion. Wild laughter, loud voices, all the works. We didn't even mind that there's just a glass partition separating my desk from my MD. Haha! i'm sure he must've been like. make she carry go. everyday no be Christmas. lol

Let me just say thank you again to everyone for the bday msgs. I had to put my phone on silent mode for sometime so my colleagues could focus on their work. Bbm, calls, sms Fb, twitter. Wow! i felt so loved :) Thanks guys.

Peace, Love and Sequins.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Walking Tall

Hi ya,
So as a glorified stan of ANTM, you can imagine my excitement when i first heard this cycle, the 17th, was an All star one. I don't know who else is following but the drama this cycle is major! First, almost all the girls are grown and are now working models, TV presenters, some others behind the scenes, and all have been pretty successful, . So there's a lot of  'You must not be speaking 2 me did u not see my face on your tv?" I'm loving it wallahi. This season is not necessarily about looking for a girl who can be a model. Its more about who can be a bankable brand and who is a star.

So here's a rundown of the 13 All-star cast. There's Shannon Ratliff from cycle 1, Camille McDonald from cycle 2, the diva with the famous quote. "its my signature walk. its what's gonna make me famous" when the judges said they didn't really fancy her walk. Diva alert! Brittany Brower from cycle 4, Lisa D'Amato from cycle 5, Brittany "Bre" Scullark from cycle 5, Bianca Golden from Cycle 9( she looks so much like Nigerian model/actress Kendra from Jacob's cross), Dominique Reighard from cycle 10 a personal favourite. She had this famous quote" I'm gonna show him you can't put a price on 'all of this'. referring to her body, when asked about her abusive ex-boyfriend, Isis king from cycle 11 the transgender who has since last time had gender re-assignment surgery and i have to admit she's hot. she was famous for saying "I've got more woman in me than all these B*****s put together. talk about self confidence, Sheena Sakai from cycle 11, Allison Havard from cycle 12, Laura Kirkpatric from cycle 13, Angelea Preston from cycle 14, Kayla Ferrel the proud lesbian from cycle 15 and Aleandra Everett from cycle 16

ANTM is known for coining several words such as Dreckitude, smize, Frieyes(opposite of smize), and most recently 'booty tooch' (popping your booty out in a photo to give an illusion of a well rounded, well sculpted behind.) Haha! i like that!

But what i love the most is the crazy photo shoots and there have been some weird ones, from the crawling creatures, to underwater shoots, dead body shoots, and this recent one with the stilts c which i so so love. Infact i had my mouth open while watching it. Its amazing. The idea of broken down dolls. Genius!

This is from episode 3. Brittany Brower had been evicted earlier.


Dominique and kayla

Angelea and Allison

 Allison is doing the booty tooch and Angelea....not quite!

Lisa and Bianca

(Do you see the resemblance between Bianca and Kendra)

Alexandria and Shannon 

Camille and Isis

Bre and Laura

You like?

 Peace, Love and Sequins.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Faces from Maltina

Not too long ago i was part on the style team for maltina dance all season 5 along with amazing stylist Bolaji Animashaun. We styled the presenter Kemi Adetiba throughout the duration of the show. Styling for TV is so much more different from Red carpet events or  LookBooks. There's so much to put into consideration. Things like fabric choice, colours and accessories. A piece might look amazing on ground but as soon as it gets in front of the camera... it just washes out!! 

There are just some colours that don't do so well on TV. White especially is really tricky. Also you wanna make sure that as much as you want your client to look great, you don't want their personality to be lost in your choice of looks. For example if your client absolutely hates to wear yellow or maybe long sleeves.. don't bring it to him/her no matter what you think. You know why? They are not gonna be comfortable and when a client isn't comfortable in an outfit it just shows. They don't own the look and your whole 'Einstein" is put to waste. OK! this is turning into a tutorial. 

 I had so much fun. We taped on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The week usually involved pulling looks and doing fittings before each taping. Some days were great and some were crazy. I remember this particular day.. it was raining up a storm in Lagos and i stupidly decided it was a good day to drive. (I hate driving btw). I couldn't see a thing! I wanted to just park somewhere and take a nap or smth till the rain subsided but i couldn't. People were waiting on me and i was waiting on designers too. Cos on this particular day, somehow, all the clothes i needed were still being made. I think i got to the designers and got to the location in a haze. I can't really remember how i managed that day. Crazy! 

But seeing the end result is always a delight for me. Maltina had the coolest crew as well. I actually miss everyone. The high point of every evening was dinner. Initially i wasn't gonna break my "no alcohol" thing but that later went in the can. There was so much food and Maltina around me. I managed to put on some weight which i haven't still gotten rid off. 

Here are the very few photos i managed to take. My camera decided to embarass itself most of the time so.. Anyway expect a detailed style post with all the outfits on


With choreographer, Janell Burgess she was one of the judges and Vincent Cariati the director

Stylist Isi came around as well 

I enjoyed working with her. she tells you exactly what she wants. Very helpful

 With Kemi's make up artist Mano (can u see how long my nose is in this photo? )

 Guys from Neo-Media the event organisers. Yomi thank you so much for all the Maltina!

 Peace, Love and Sequins.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Handcrafted Goodness: ReBirth Launches the ‘YOU’ Collection

Rebirth is set to launch the latest collection from the label, the 'YOU' collection. I've gotten a chance to meet the head designer Funmi Adeyeri, and listen to her talk about the label and her passion is infectious. I also got to feel some of her work in my hands. I tell you i was blown away. The attention to detail and the designs, all come together to give the feeling of Luxury. I'm feeling every single piece. What do you guys think?
Check on it!

About Rebirth
ReBirth – Paying tribute to the designer’s early passion for leather, which she attributes to her Dad, this is about bringing back and continuing the vision.

ReBirth – The process by which all leather accessories are made,  transformed by an artisan the final pieces started with something dying...
ReBirth – Our signature? Creativity, quality and individuality A vision of creating timeless pieces, thoughtfully designed while maximizing our workmanship but not compromising on quality. We create bags that have their own unmistakable and exclusive style, objets d’art in their own right.

About the collection

YOU is a testament to the ReBirth ideology of timeless, functional design. Versatile and diverse, the collection runs the gamut from light to dark, classic to contemporary, taking into account the lifestyle of the modern woman with an emphasis on transitional dressing.

Fusing traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, the YOU collection utilizes a remarkable colour field of hues: hints of gray, inky blue, nuances of brown, red, mustard and cream, in materials and sizes ranging from buttery-soft skins, vegetable tanned leather to an art embossed inspired skin for our Viva bag and medium sized clutches to satchels with an urban boho chic theme.
We believe there is something for everyone whether she is accessorizing a new wardrobe or revamping looks from her closet - a new accessory or two is perfect for this - just the right bag that works for you.

The YOU Collection launches in Lagos shortly. 
For More information about the Rebirth pls email
Photography and Styling : Mr and Mrs Jones
Model : Zainab Balogun
Bags : Rebirth