Monday, 28 November 2011


So sometime last week i tweeted that almost everything i had on was at least 25yrs old. One of my male friends was like *passes out* duh! I wonder why boys don't understand fashion. *side eye*

Anyway i didn't have a camera that day so YES i re-rocked the look and got me some photos. Lol. Enjoy.

This silk blouse and wrap skirt belonged to my mum. She wore them in the 80s. I took up the hem of the skirt and made it tighter by moving all the buttons a few inches from their original positions. I also had to take the blouse in at the sides. The Obioma didn't disappoint right?

I know i said these items were at least 25 yrs old but nope wait for it... This vintage Valentino Rudy purse belonged to Nne Nwobi and guess who she was. *Drumrolllll* My mum's Grandma!! ha!

My horse and Elephant :) I'm into these beastly Jewellery. You like?. Btw that's a female skull on my index finger in the 2nd  photo.

My lovely earrings from Retrospective store in Lagos . They sell the most amazing vintage jewellery. I don't know exactly how old they are but i'd like to think they are very very old. Lol

Peace, Love and Sequins.


Not too long ago i was assisting at a shoot for the Clan lookbook,styled by Bolaji Anmashaun. Clan is a clothing brand created by Tiwa, Teni and Aba Sagoe. It was a very fun shoot as the clothes are supposed to appeal to a young but nonetheless fashionable crowd. Hence props included champagne, cupcakes, balloons, confetti and ribbons,

Before the shoot, my job was to come up with a moodboard for the shoot as well as getting in touch with a makeup artist, getting in touch with the team at clan to make sure we had all the props we needed, a photographer etc.

At the shoot, it was all hands on deck as everyone was blowing ballons, throwing confetti, blowing bubbles and dresing up the models. These are some of the photos i took. See the complete Lookbook here  and watch out for more Behind the Scenes photos on

Tiwa and Teni Sagoe

with Fauzi Fahm. ( I kept saying his name. Like the way it sounds)

 I love my Hausa slippers.

Deola Sagoe. God knows i was lovestruck!

Bolaji and Eku (she avoided the camera lol)


Breakfast :)

Makeup artist Funke Ajobo of Palace of Beauty with Zainab Ibrahim


She blew balloons with us :)

With the photographer

Fellow stylist Isi dropped by. We were together at the Elite model look. This is her avoiding my camera lol

Shoots are never complete without music.

Teni dressing up Eku

Peace, Love and Sequins.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Girl Meets Boy

Awhile back, i was doing one of my favourite dos visiting fashion sites and i stumbled on this photo showing how to wear brogues for different occasions. I always love a 'one item many ways feature'. They are always so inspiring. So i wanted to share with my readers. I'm not really into the whole androgynous dressing in fact i shy away from anything with a masculine feel to it (wristwatches not inclusive). So anytime i wear brogues, i make sure that the rest of my ensemble is super feminine. 

I whipped out my shoes that had been lying around, and since then i've worn them to my 9-5, on shoots, to the movies etc. Here i was just back home from my style assistant gig on Mnet Studio 53 Extra and I'd had a long day pulling looks for some other shoot. I did not get a chance to take a  photo during the day as i was super busy and there is nothing as unprofessional as taking photos of yourself while you are with clients Lol.

You like?

Bag- J.J Wally by JamesLully (Proudly Nigerian)
Skirt-Vintage Alfred Dunner
Top & Belt- Atmosphere

Peace, Love and Sequins.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Ok don't you just love this cover. Its the festive season and Gisele looks super gorgeous on the December cover of British Vogue wearing this multicoloured tights designed by Pam Hogg in 2008.

I cant get over the tights. Love love it. Would i wear it? Err.. maybe after a couple of drinks. That would give me the right dose of confidence.

Be careful if you wanna try this though. You don't wanna look like you robbed Betty Suarez. Take a cue from the stylist and pair with soft hues like white here or try a beige coloured blouse.

Photographer- Mario Testino
Stylist- Lucinda Chambers

What do you think? Hot or Not? This is not even a question. lol

 Peace, Love and Sequins.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sewing for Dummies.

I was reading one of my fav Nigerian fashion magazines Complete fashion, when i stumbled upon an ad by designer,Nobel Afrik, that said 'learn how to sew in 3hrs'. Hmmmmnnn. Anyway,  i decided to give them a shout. They were so courteous on the phone and asked me if i would like to book a space etc.

I had planned a date with myself earlier for that day. It didn't involve much though. Just going to see a movie ALONE and afterwards a massage. The massage had been booked like 2months now but i just haven't found the time to go. Anyway, i couldn't pass up so i said yes. I've always wanted to learn basic sewing skills just to be able to alter my own outfits exactly the way i want. I have lost quite a few outfits to charlatan Obiomas. The most painful being my mum's vintage Emmanuel Ungaro jacket. *twinge of sadness*

It was quite eventful. We learned the different parts of the human form and what they were called in terms of taking measurements and the most interesting part of the lesson was the pattern making, and cutting.  We were then shown how to thread a sewing machine and sew up the outfit. It was a 3hr lesson and practically, there was no way to teach everyone individually and get us to use the machines. But trust me i sat in front. So i got to take in every lesson and as a result of sitting in front, i was used as a mannequin for the sample outfit to be made. I dint quite like it though cos i missed out a few notes. Why not just use the mannequin which was right there! Lol.

Anyway i got to keep the pattern since the skirt we made was my size. I can always make one for myself when ever i want. The designer also let us know one random person will get a call with a year's scholarship offer at any of his 5 schools in lagos. There were screams yo!

I took some photos with a cellphone camera so pls dont mind the dark photos and oily face lol.

That's the pattern in my hands and i'm wearing the skirt that was made.  Love it! 

I had so much fun at the class and afterwards, i thought movie or massage? None sounded interesting and it was the final day of the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design week. I had missed out on the previous days because of work. So instead, i decided to go help out backstage at the Obsidian show. It was fun dressing up  the models. It was pretty busy and i couldn't take any photos.You can visit the official site of the MTNLFDW  to see collections from all the designers.

The evening was fun and i didn't mind having to drive home late at night. While doing all these, i totally forgot i had been sent a mail earlier in the week to be at a shoot for L'Espace 'The advisory'. Call time was 8am the following day!!

 Peace, Love and Sequins.