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Hi ya. So the Bloggers Get Blushed event was all kinds of awesome. It was a laid back event where everyone got to talk to each other, and ask them questions, get beauty makeovers, consultations etc. Lots of cupcakes, drinks, small chops, and goody bags .

Thanks to Nneka of http://www.neks2u.com/ and Blush Beauty Salon for such a fun evening.

I never really attend networking events but for some reason i was excited to attend. So excited that i left my camera battery charging at home.Shame. I didn't get to take any photos for myself. I'm just gonna take photos of myself from any blog i find them. I'll just update as i find any.

This is from Segi and Omoshalewa's blog http://forstylesake.blogspot.com/

and these are from Nneka's site http://www.neks2u.com/

I absolutely love goofy photos. Have no idea what i was doing here. Lol

with Tope of  http://thegenevareport.blogspot.com/

PS: At the event,they had this photo booth where we took goofy pictures.Funny/Scary faces and all. I'll really  love to see that.
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