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So there's nothing like a fun DIY project. I'm crazy about ethnic Jewellery and after watching an online tutorial (can't remember where now) i decided to try my hands at this. Its pretty easy and i thought i'd share with you guys. Just follow these simple steps.

1) Pick out the fabric you'll like to use. Most of the time i prefer to wear brightly coloured outfits so i went for a dull coloured ankara fabric.

2) You'll need beads. They could be individual beads or they could already be stringed just like this one here.

3) Ok this is where you need to pay attention. You need to cut out enough fabric to cover the whole length of the necklace. you can determine the length of your necklace by putting the fabric casually round your neck and adjusting it to a length you like. I wanted mine really long and my fabric was wide but not long enough so i  first had to cut my fabric in two parts and join it up at the ends.

4) Fold the fabric around the beads to determine the width. Then using a needle and thread, (choose a colour that compliments the fabric. i used black thread) Sew up the ends of the fabric down the whole length of your necklace making it roomy enough for when you need to put in your beads. Cut off any excess fabric along the length and width,so its all nice and neat.

5) Turn the fabric inside out. You should have a long fabric open at both ends. Now put the beads into the fabric. 

6) Thread your needle, and with the end of the thread, tie up one end of the fabric. Pass the needle through to the first bead and tie up the space after each bead, keep passing the needle through the fabric to the next bead and tying up after every bead till you get to the end of the necklace. ( If you are using individual beads you will first need to tie up one end of the fabric before throwing in the beads one after the other and tying up after every bead till the end).

7) Now sew up both ends of the necklace together to close it up. After sewing up, tie up the area with your thread so that the space is uniform with the rest of the necklace. No one should be able to tell the beginning or end of the necklace.

Cut of any stray thread or fabric.You should then have your necklace all neatly done.

I wore my necklace to go drop off mum's bestie/aunty at the airport. She came from Obodo Oyibo to spend christmas with us in Lagos. Sadly her flight was cancelled because of the Fuel Subsidy protests. She's still wailing as we speak. Took these very few photos before leaving.

Peace, Love and Sequins.

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