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At my last shoot. i managed to get some alone time with the model. she's got quite a strong personality and she's really stylish off duty too. Enjoy

NAME- Otanwa Felicia

AGENCY- Isis Models

WHY MODELING? - I love the feeling I get when I’m on the runway. The power to bring the clothes to live as a result of my walk, poses, etc. And of course all eyes are on me doing my thing you know... It all gives me joy.


BEST JOB- The Genevieve show honouring the First lady of Lagos for her contribution to breast cancer awareness and women empowerment in Lagos. It was one hell of a show.

WORST JOB - Can’t tell. Lol

FAVOURITE DESIGNER(S) -  Lanre Da Silva Ajayi and Ituen Basi.

WORST OUTFIT DISASTER - Never had one. I plan my outfits at least 2days ahead.

BRAIDS OR WEAVES - Weaves.  As a model you may be required to change your hairstyle at the shortest notice. You can’t do that with braids.

MUST-HAVE MAKEUP ITEM - There’s no makeup item I can’t do without.

BEAUTY REGIMEN-   I don’t really have a beauty regimen written on stone. I‘ve found that all I really need is Soap and water.  I wash my face and body and  I moisturize as well.

WORST FASHION FAUX PAS- Leather in this Nigerian heat

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE - Simple but chic.

House of Jola

Mimi Lee London

Omo for Genevieve magazine

 Off Duty

Love her.

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