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Hi ya,

So i styled and directed my first solo editorial just recently. I've worked on lots of shoots but this was different. In this case i had to plan everything alone from scratch. From coming up with a theme, the mood-board, sourcing for a location, finding a professional model, makeup artist and photographer , logistics, budget and everything that may or may not make you wanna pull out your hair.

I had help later along the way and on the day of the shoot via two interns. One of them actually said to me at some point. "Ifeoma this is work o. ha". Lol.  Fashion styling is fun o. If you really love it you wont mind the stress but the truth is that its not all fun and games. There's a reason why you open some magazines and it all just looks like perfection. Its because someone somewhere made a lot of effort. So you keep striving.

Hot shot photographer, Kayode Martins of Xsightn Photography. Getting him to come on board the shoot was not beans i tell you. See more of his work  here

Chinwe. she assisted me on the shoot

That's Chinelo. Also assisted me on the shoot.  

Model Felicia

Makeup artist Kaaka

 It was an exciting shoot. Had fun with everyone on the set. I cant say anything further for now except that i can't wait to see the final photos.

P.S- I wonder why most times when i'm working on a shoot the photographer tries to get me to put makeup on and pose for shots. I always have to say. No i don't pose for shots. I create them. At Ikechukwu's Bulie Oto video shoot with Chalya Shagaya, i literally had to fight off the photographer at some point. Lol.
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