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I've often said to people that I don’t understand the concept of boredom. I’m one of those people who are so into themselves it can actually hurt people around me. I’m trying to change that though. There’s so much you can do when you’re not working, hanging out or sitting in traffic etc. I cherish my alone time and I always have things I’ll like to do when I’m alone. ( Thing is i usually draw up a list to avoid forgetting something fun.So I kind of  just check them off the list lol) Things like catching up on my favourite  tv shows, reading, actually calling up friends and family just because, etc. I also love a fun DIY fashion.
I’m sure you guys have seen these fabric bangles around probably own some, or even done or tried to do them yourself. This was actually really easy so I thought I’d share. In my case I decided to use this local woodin fabric.

STEP 1) Lay out all the things you’ll need for the project.  Fabric of your choice, light adhesive  in case you make a mistake and need to peel off the fabric while working ( you can find this one here at Park and Shop its shaped like a pen so it’s easier to use), a pair of scissors, pen or marker, ruler and bangles of your choice.

STEP 2)  Roughly wrap some fabric around each bangle to determine the length and width of fabric you’d require. Then turn the fabric to the reverse side and use your pen and ruler to mark the fabric. Cut out the quantity you need.

STEP 3) Apply the adhesive on the reverse side of the fabric as shown here and allow to dry for a few seconds.

STEP 4) Using your fingers, begin wrapping the fabric tightly and inwardly around each bangle.  One side in and the other side over it, till the whole bangle is covered. Make sure you have a little excess fabric at the end so it can cover where you started wrapping from. It will allow for a cleaner finish. Also as you wrap, make sure there isn’t so much glue on your fingertips as it messes up the bangle and makes the fabric just pull of as you’re wrapping.

At the end you should have something like this or better lol. Allow the bangles to dry properly and you’re good!

I made five bangles. This is what they look like stacked.

So there you have it. Follow the steps and it’ll be as easy as ABC. Let me know if you try it out.

 If you like them and you just don't have the time to make yours i think you can check Oremicraft and Chictherapy Those are the stores i know that make really nice ones.

 Have fun and please let me see photos if you make them yourself.


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