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Hi ya,

How's everyone's weekend going?
Sorry this is coming quite late.So earlier on during the week, i was driving around looking for who to do my hair as my hairstylist is currently on her honeymoon when noticed the Zaron sign outside the same building as popular Benefits Boutique. I went in and spoke to them and they gave me the good news of their launch this Sunday 22nd April 2012. 

They launched in Nigeria last year and are in Ikoyi  and i think Ikota shopping complex as well.

So scoot on down there tomorrow. There will be free makeovers and beauty consultations as well as sale of Zaron products.

Call Stella on 08033033351 to RSVP

Address- 2nd Avenue, 22 Road, G Close, 1st Floor, Janio Books Building (Opposite MRS filling Station) Festac Town. 

+234 802 4666688, +234 704 2071190

Have fun!

About Zaron
Zaron is a brand dedicated to the enhancement of the wellbeing and quality of lives of all people through the development, marketing, distribution and sale of quality lifestyle products.  The brand was conceived in Leeds, United Kingdom in 2010 and began operations in Lagos Nigeria in September 2011. 

The Zaron brand trades under the names of Zaron International Limited, Zaron Cosmetics Limited and Zaron Hair Products Limited.  Together we develop and promote our own brand of lifestyle products, manufactured to international standards and customized to different environmental conditions and for people of color. Our products are conceived and manufactured in an environmentally sustainable manner to offer consistency, quality, value and style to users in ways that accentuate physical beauty, engender inner satisfaction and self-esteem.

In line with our Vision to be one of the leading lifestyle brands of choice for all people of style, we aspire to contribute to improving the quality of lives of people by developing and distributing quality premium priced lifestyle products that enhance confidence and inner peace.

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