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Hi Everyone,

So sorry i havent posted in a while. I've just been so busy. Yes like the title says i've got some pretty interesting news to share. Your's truly is now on Team Genevieve. I've always wanted a magazine gig and i can't tell you how happy i was when i got recommended to join The Genevieve style team.

Basically my job invoves working with the Fashion Editor Ohimai Atafo as well as more senior Stylist Veronica Ebie Odeka to put together the style section of the magazine every month as well as the cover and a few other pages from time to time. I'm quite very elated and i hope to do my best and  just erm.... roll with.

Its been quite busy for me as i have to create time also to do some of my styling and work full time on my job. Driving from satellite town to the Island daily is a story for another day. But i'm not complaining at all. I love a good challenge. My job is so much fun and i can't be happier. I feel very blessed. *giggles*.

Part of my job also requires me to attend events which the magazine gets invited to. This was taken two Sundays ago at the Africa Movie Academy Awards AMAA

  Had to bring my 32 out when i saw Isiah Washingthon aka Preston Burke the original Cardio god and only man suitable for Christina Yang. Grey's Anatomy heads will understand this.  God knows i was star struck!! Absolutely No Shame. Funny thing is i was gonna tweet this in the moment and my phone died on me. who's cool idea was it to invent Blackberries with low battery life? 

 With Eku Edewor of Studio 53 extra. She's such a beauty. I used to work with her personal stylist and there was this one time we were getting her ready for an event. i kept brushing her her hair and her stylist joked that i was brushing her hair like she was my doll. I agree. lol. 

With Veronica and Ohimai

PS- Genevieve has also relaunched its online platform and in the words of Veronica. The content is juicy!. Exclusive interviews,Photos, behind the scenes from shoots, style tips, and more. See the site HERE

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