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As promised earlier, here is a glimpse of the Matthew Williamson collection at Temple Muse.

The event was sponsored by Veuve Clicquot.

Photos: Emma Nwawadu for Temple Muse.

To see more photos of guests and also see the collection on the runway, visit Temple Muse's Facebook Page here

Hi ya,

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. Did your monday go well? Yes? No? Anyway you're not alone. Mondays should be taken off the calendar. Had a pretty busy day and i'm glad its over.

So I attended the Matthew Williamson launch at Temple Muse over the weekend and i have to say it was so amazing. I've gone to quite a few fashion events and they could be boring with everyone so self conscious and uptight but this lauch was fantastic i think it had to do more with the crowd. It was a more mature crowd not one of those events where girls just stay at the backdrop taking pictues all through as opposed to attending the actual event.

So interesting were the people and the different conversations that i forgot to take 'photos' *sigh* I spent most of my time talking with Feyi Osinboyejo who's had an amazing career in fashion so far from being a buyer for Harrods to being on the Armani team and Kaylah an OAP who hosts the Road show on Cool FM with Freeze.They were such an interesting pair. Also spent some time talking with  one of my favourite fashion girls and Fashion consultant Chalya Shagaya She's been so good to me since the first time we met and i love her to pieces. There were so many people who came to the event from Agbani Darego, Eku Edewor to billionaires like Mrs Folorunsho Alakija. I think everyone's head turned when she walked in. Lol

Had so much fun and for the first time i wasnt in a hurry to leave an event or maybe it was because i wasnt driving myself home but all together i had a nice time.

I'm gonna update with more photos later especially the Matthew Williamson Collection i went to see
But some fab pieces caught my eye like this beaded ankara dress from Iconic Invanity


 This burgundy and mustard and black number from Tiffany Amber is amazing and was in my exact size but i didnt look at the price tag. Cant be getting depressed anyhow. lol

This i found rather interesting cant remember who its by.

Your's Truly

Cheers. xx
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