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Hey guys,

I really should begin to cane myself for these irregullar posts or complete lack of updates. The other day i was reading one of these bloggers news letters and they said something about perfection being a bloggers worst enemy and i believe that. Sometimes we want our posts to be perfect and here in third world, slow internet can make you weak. Below is a post i wrote long ago but stopped halfway cos of bad internet. I actually wondered sometime ago if anyone still reads tho until i started getting emails lol. Anyway i think i should post more especially since my writing skills have sort of improved haha! Anyway.. here goes. Please pardon how late this is.

The week has been quite busy so was the week before. Excuses. lol. Last weekend i attended the Elite model search 2012 an annual cpmpetition organised by BETH Model Management.

It was a black and white theme was going to go just as a guest but then work beckoned as my friend and senior colleague Veronica Ebie (who by the way is great to work with),was the official stylist of the show so i had to go help out. Hence the backstage pass around my neck and the VIP wrist band.

Not forgetting to go back and forth checking with my photographer to see if he was ok and getting the right photos as i was also covering the event for the magazine. I had to also to pick out and monitor delivery of a dress for a client of mine who had an event to attend the following day. Talk about miltitasking but yeah i enjoy it so i dont mind at all.

I hadn' been to the pre-event fittings/style sessions because of my schedule and guess what... I was supposed to be in charge of all the backstage cordination and the interns. okkkkk. Anyway few hours to the event i had to quickly get familiar with the models (girls and guys), who was wearing what, the running order for all the designers showing, the look for each presentation etc,which frankly speaking wasn't a hassle as much as getting used to the models names so i didn't call out Moyin when i needed to call Bukola. I'm very bad with names i can ask for your name three times in 5 minutes. Lol. The event went pretty well and i had a great time especially at the after party.

Two of my friends also came out that night Folakunle and Ajala who left early as she had an early morning church service the following day so I went with Fola to the after party at Likwid Lounge.

Before we got there tho,we decided to check out this place called Shaune's bar (hope i got that right). The audience is more matured but not in the least less fun ( by mature i mean no Unilag kids lol no offence please) and the DJ was fantastic. I'll love to go there someother time

Some photos from the night as you already all my photos i usually take with my phone camera so dont expect the quality. lol

This is just before getting dressed. The people from blackup thought i should do a red lip. I have to admit i was a little scared tho.
Friends Ajala & Folakunle


 Stle Assistants Ifeanyi and Favour

 The Re Bahia lineup one of my fav labels. Love the custom stripes. They actually cut up and later stitch strips of fabric together to form the stripes

Some of the male models in Grey

The mango lineup

 More Mango

 With Juliet from Black Up

Moyin Arowoshola the winner in the female category in Tiffany Amber. I was rooting for her and was glad she won. There was a male winner too Alvin Dayaffin

My shorts are from Republic of Foreigner and the cropped blouse is from abuja based label Liwhan

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