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Hi ya,

Took a quick break from work two days ago to attend the launch of the Vane-Style showroom a place where designers stock pieces they need solely for press/publicity and stylists can come and pull pieces for magazine covers, editorials, ad campaigns, celebrities, tv shows etc.

It is the brain child of Celeb stylist and personal shopper Veronica Ebie-Odeka.

First of all let me just say a big thank you to Veronica for this.When she first told me about her idea i was sold on it completely. You see as as a working stylist all i see here is my work being made easier. I don't have to call up different designers, send loads of emails and sit in hours of traffic going from one artelier to another to source for pieces when i have a shoot.

Also i think its a great platform for designers to get on. They dont have to be thronged with calls from stylists to get pieces. They also dont have to worry about stylists not returning pieces on time damages and all. The showroom takes care of that. At the moment there are 18 designers on board which i find pretty impressive and i do hope that more get on board.

Some of the designers at the showroom are Republic of Foreigner, Alter Ego, Toju Foyeh, Bridget Awoshika, Jess Stephanie, Ms Makor and a host of others.

My outfit is from Alali Boutique and was quite the star getting compliments both at the office and at the showroom. For enquiries and to purchase contact Alali Boutique on 08133282944, 07066912089
or alaliboutique@gmail.com


Cheers until later.xx

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