Friday, 29 June 2012


Hi ya,

So below is a post i wrote a long time ago about a music video i styled, However i didn't put it up because you know, as a stylist, its  important to respect your client's privacy about a job. Wait until its published Nothing like a quick twit pic. Nah. To me its just unprofessional unless of course the client wants you to do so to create a buzz you know.

The video was for Ms. Jaie's song Kilon Poppin. I'm sure you guys must have seen the video by now. The styling was a combined effort by two stylists Myself and Lilian Unachukwu (Liam) on different occasions.

For the sake of those that follow my styling, i'm just going to point out to you guys the part in the video that has my work.

The opening of the video where she walks to the cars and all the club/Night scenes....that's me.

The performance scenes where she has the leotard and corset on,with the dancers, basically all the performance scenes are by Liam

I get excited every time i see it on TV. If you haven't seen it you're carrying last o, go  HERE

Its a catchy tune and i totally love Ms Jaie's voice.

Read my Stylist Diary below. Up and Coming stylists.. you'll find this exciting :)

Tuesday 28/02/12. 9:30pm: I'm home having one of those lazy nites. You know the type when you know there's so much to do but you just want to be lazy for a moment. You've had 2 packs of indomie and a lot of Rubis chocolate wine. You're all bloated and the only thing you wanna do is burp and just keep watching Nikita till you fall asleep! Yep that was me until my phone rang.

The call was from a fashion consultant. she wanted to know if i was available and would be willing to style storm records artist Ms Jaie.  Storm was shooting a video for her hot new single Kilon Poppin. She's like you've heard the song right and i'm like erm yeah i think so. You see i don't watch TV or visit BN so much these days so i never know anything. Just Work- Sleep- Eat. Boring abi?

I later get a call from Jaie's manager and she tells me the video is in 2days wait no! a day and a half cos i got this call like 11.30pm. huh?? seriously. This is too short notice i say! But i never take no for an answer so i definitely try not to say No to people as much as i can. I also love the thrill of a challenge.

 I immediately get to work. There's no time to meet with the artist and ask her all the questions myself so her manager sends me her dress and shoe sizes and the kind of look they were going for which was a bold, sexy but also extremely classy look. blacks, silvers, for Jewellery, golds and silvers. i tell them i 'm going to need her to also bring along a few staples such blazers, tights and bustiers. I wait till morning cos it was too late to call any designer to ask for pulls. You don't wanna be calling people up too late or too early. Very unprofessional. Of course i didn't sleep. I go online, search for Ms Jaie. I actually listen to all her singles. They are all dope and i'm like dude i like this girl o. I look at what she's worn in the past, how she wears her hair, what her audience is like etc. Taking notes all the while. Just trying to get a feel of her personal style. As a stylist its important never to try to loose the personality of your client while doing your job. A client once told me on our first meting. i will never wear a turtle neck even if it was made of Marc Jacobs hair.  I never brought a turtle neck around her.

Wednesday 29/02/12. 7am:  I'm out of the house, i head to the island all the while driving and making calls here and there. i pulled from Eclectic by Sasha, Obsidian, House 38 and Republic of Foreigner. Jewellery from my personal collection, and Beautique Online. Pulling in Lagos short notice like that, is maddd cos you have to deal with traffic, getting a hold of people etc.  after all my pulls, i head to Park and Shop cos i need to stock up on pins, clips, tape, glue etc. i don't find everything i need, so i roll up my sleeves and head into the ever dreaded Balogun market. *sigh*. its about 7.30pm and i'm heading home thinking all this better fit because remember, i did not do a fitting as there was no time. I call Jaie's manager again. "Dont forget to bring the staples i asked for pls". I get home lay out all my pieces, make sure the clothes are well steamed etc. I say my prayers and finally get some sleep.

Thursday Morning 01/03/12: Its the day of the shoot. Venue was on the Island as well.  To beat the Lagos traffic, i leave home at least 3hrs before all of my appointments and today was no different. Me i hate when people give excuses for being late so i don't need to be giving one. Anyway she had to meet me earlier than the rest of the crew so we could do a quick fitting. Some of the clothes we liked for like if she was performing.. and the others didn't just sit right on her . I dash to Zara at Silverbird. Nothing at all for me there. Stylist nightmare part 1. Gheuns! Hian! Thank God i asked for staples earlier. Also we make a few calls. We are able to get a few more pieces and all was well in the world again. You see, no matter how much stress you have to go through doing what you love, at the end of the day it doesn't even matter at all. It didn't matter that i had to drive myself to crash at a friend's place at 2AM as that was when the shoot ended. It absolutely doesn't count!

Truthfully and honestly, when i'm working i just never take pictures. I don't know why. These photos here were taken with other people's cell phone camera's which they kind of transferred to me. If i find more photos from the shoot i'll post them on here. We had about 4 looks but i dont have images of them all. Manage pls.

Look how washed and stressed out i am. Lmao. Too shocked for words gaaaaad!

Thanks to Beautiqueonline for letting me pull at such short notice. See their site here  Also thanks a bunch to Julie of Chrome for the back up outfits and to House 38, Republic of Foreigner, Obsidian and Ecletic by Sasha. Literally gave them only a few hrs notice. Also to Chinelo of she assisted me on the shoot. xx



How's everyone doing?

So Mango is launching a new collection tomorrow  Saturday 30th June 2012 alongside Etam lingerie and Ennzo for men. The event is at the Oriental Hotel, Ballroom, Lekki Lagos. It starts at 6pm and is sponsored by Martini

Its invite only and you can still get in if you send an E-mail to


Thursday, 28 June 2012


Hi ya,

Been a while i posted on here. Apologies. I promise to find that work life balance even if it kills me.

So i  have gotten quite a number of requests from people who want to work in fashion. Styling in particular and that will be the focus of this post and a few others to follow. I know you've heard people say this before and it may sound cliche but i'll say it again. Fashion is fun on the outside, but working in fashion can be far from glamorous and it doesn't matter what stage you are, interning or even super established.

I get emails from people and its exciting to me that people are interested but sometimes when i talk to some people, They just generally don't know what path to follow. Fashion is quite wide and there are different career paths to follow. You could be a clothing designer, accessories designer, a general fashion consultant like Chalya (which is of course when you've had loads of experience in various fields) or you could be doing Fashion Marketing and PR just like Ono or Bobby Taylor, You could be a stylist, a  Fashion writer. There's fashion production, logistics etc all those fancy fashion shows people work round the clock to make it fancy. There's also a whole lot that i haven't mentioned but which you can find out by doing some research.

I'm not even going to talk about those who think its a piece of cake. Imagine the other day i took some time out to talk to a  girl who wanted to be a stylist in this Nigeria yet she had no clue who the top designers are. No clue at all. Couldn't even tell me one. and if you know me i'm quite very easy to talk to. I definitely won't come into a room and intimidate anyone These are the people you're going to be working with eventually. Are you kidding me? It was a waste of my time. Now the thing is no one expects you to know everything. Else you wont be interning. But like.. please do some research. Even a quick one with your Blackberry can make all the difference. Oh well.

Anyway in subsequent posts, I will drop some tips and a little education on what has helped me so far. Its weird as i feel we are all learning everyday. I'm learning too but you never know what  little advice can help a fellow Fashion Enthusiast. So yeah expect that from next post and of course i'll only be talking about STYLING for now.

PS: So some of you know i have a full time job at Genevieve Magazine right? I have a responsibility to attend events which the Magazine gets invited to. Most of which are pretty dope. This was at the launch of the Mikel Obi Foundation at the Civic Centre. This dress is made out of traditional george fabric. Been wearing my hair this way for a while now. Its just so easy. Brush back and off i go. Hopefully, i wont get stuck in a rut.