Monday, 24 September 2012



As promised earlier, here is a glimpse of the Matthew Williamson collection at Temple Muse.

The event was sponsored by Veuve Clicquot.

Photos: Emma Nwawadu for Temple Muse.

To see more photos of guests and also see the collection on the runway, visit Temple Muse's Facebook Page here

Hi ya,

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. Did your monday go well? Yes? No? Anyway you're not alone. Mondays should be taken off the calendar. Had a pretty busy day and i'm glad its over.

So I attended the Matthew Williamson launch at Temple Muse over the weekend and i have to say it was so amazing. I've gone to quite a few fashion events and they could be boring with everyone so self conscious and uptight but this lauch was fantastic i think it had to do more with the crowd. It was a more mature crowd not one of those events where girls just stay at the backdrop taking pictues all through as opposed to attending the actual event.

So interesting were the people and the different conversations that i forgot to take 'photos' *sigh* I spent most of my time talking with Feyi Osinboyejo who's had an amazing career in fashion so far from being a buyer for Harrods to being on the Armani team and Kaylah an OAP who hosts the Road show on Cool FM with Freeze.They were such an interesting pair. Also spent some time talking with  one of my favourite fashion girls and Fashion consultant Chalya Shagaya She's been so good to me since the first time we met and i love her to pieces. There were so many people who came to the event from Agbani Darego, Eku Edewor to billionaires like Mrs Folorunsho Alakija. I think everyone's head turned when she walked in. Lol

Had so much fun and for the first time i wasnt in a hurry to leave an event or maybe it was because i wasnt driving myself home but all together i had a nice time.

I'm gonna update with more photos later especially the Matthew Williamson Collection i went to see
But some fab pieces caught my eye like this beaded ankara dress from Iconic Invanity


 This burgundy and mustard and black number from Tiffany Amber is amazing and was in my exact size but i didnt look at the price tag. Cant be getting depressed anyhow. lol

This i found rather interesting cant remember who its by.

Your's Truly

Cheers. xx

Friday, 21 September 2012


These days i'm begining to love weekends. Creating time for myself on the weekends is something i'm starting to take seriously and thankfully, my work events happen to be fun ones so i'm gonna attend the launch of UK fashion label Matthew Williamson at temple muse tomorrow.

There will also be the unveiling of the labels A/W12 collection.Got the invite earlier this week.

Temple Muse events are alway fab and with Matthew Williamson debuting it wont be an exception so i'm excited to go.Yay!

Took this with my phone camera.

Its an invite-only event so if you want to attend you're probably going to need to get intouch with Temple Muse.

Have a lovely weekend. xx

Friday, 14 September 2012


One of the cool things about having a blog is being able to just come on your page and talk.

So today on my ride to work i did a little thinking on this thing they say about living in the moment. I think its nice but then again, they say you should think and plan for your future. I tried to rationalise both. For me, putting any work into your future means you'll have to pursue goals etc. The only way to pursue goals is head on. So there will be times where your loved ones may feel a little neglected, you may not have time to exercise and simple pleasures like sleep may seem like a luxury. On the other hand if you decide to just chill out and take life one day at a time, It means getting ready to take whatever life throws at you. Some of which may not be pretty. So how do you balance both? Anyway....

Sometime recently i had to go to akwa ibom for my brother's wedding and at the hotel we were staying, someone thought it wise to have scales on the corridors, just beside large sized mirrors . Unbelievable i tell you. I never get on a scale i decided that it was best to just know that i could fit into my dresses. Who needs numbers and besides what if you get on a scale that's not working properly. which is what i found out when i got on the damn scale. Crazy scale be talking about 61kg *rme*. I almost had a coronary. You see for a long time, i weighed 53kg and then i sort of went to 58kg. Try as i may i never got back to 53kg. My weight kept fluctuating between 56-58kg. In defeat i decided to just maintain that and never look at a scale. Occasionally, i would break my rule and get on a sclae and it'll still read 58kg at the most. So imagine my shock when i got on that crazy scale, looked down like a G and expecing to see 58, i saw 61kg. It was not cool i tell you.

Getting back to lagos, i decided to be a chairman and do something. So right now i've reduced my carb intake drastically. I eat so much protein, sometimes i just want to scream. Its good though. I've also gotten rid of the enemy coke/pepsi and instead for my soda cravings i do suagar free sparkling water. I eat a lot of nuts as well as drink tea for their antioxidant property. By tea, i mean tea bags sans milk & sugar not milo. If you follow me on twitter you'll know how much i love my milo but sadly all that has to go. Along with the object of my addiction, Cadbury's dairy milk fruit and nuts. Ocassionally i reward myself for being a good girl. Lol. Anyway it is for the greater good.
These are my besties now
and this, i'm trying to put behind me. Its funny but when it comes to my chocolate.. i'm extremely close minded. I rarely have any other type asides this fruit and nut type here.

I also found one of my fav scents. I was first introduced to it when it was given to me as a sample. You know the 5ml bottle they give you for free when you buy perfume. I really loved it and went back to the store to get a proper bottle but was told they didn't have it anymore. Every time i went to buy perfume, i kept asking but i was told no show. So imagine my joy when i got to the store the last time and it was staring me in the face. The smell is divine!

You know how we see ridiculous headlines in the newspapers and wonder where they occur..This other time, i was on my way to Lagos from Abuja where i had gone to work on the Ages of Fashion show. Sitting right next to me on the pane was this married couple. The guy was caucasian most likely in his 60's and the girl was a typical nigerian village girl complete with a headscarf and ill fitting ankara skirt and blouse. She couldn't have been more than 16yrs. I had a headache all through the flight just taking in the situation. Unable to hold back my curiosity, as we landed in Lagos, i whispered to the girl and asked Is he your husband? and she went "yes" my god. I just kept starring at the guy like why? what do you want from her?? I could not believe my eyes and ears. I stared so hard, the guy had to give me a dirty look.

Anyway on to another agbaya. Two days ago, after my shoot for the magazine, i wasnt feeling too well so i went to get some drugs at The Palms. I had to eat lunch before taking the drugs. Sat right next to me where this obviously old man and two young girls in extremely short shorts and NO they were not his daughters. They had fun eating and giggling away. You think you've seen it all in this Lagos but you go out everyday and still manage to get shocked. oh well....

Incase you haven't gotten a copy of the September issue of Genevieve Magazine, please do. It's a great read as usual. Please flip to the fashion pages and keep up with my work. God bless you as you critic me softly. lol. On the cover is current Miss Universe Leila Lopes who by the way is just stunning.

Cheers until later. xx

PS- Just got back from a funeral. My MD, Mrs Betty Irabor lost her younger brother. It was such a reminder how fleeting this life is and as as cliche as this sounds, life really is short but however short, we are duty bound to make the most of the time we have here. God bless.