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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to introduce you all to my friend Bidemi Fasanya's store Biddy's Mondo. I did a post on the store sometime ago at a Le Petite Marche LPM event here

Its funny i remember back in school another friend and I loved to go to her room just to chill around loads of shoes and clothing. I'm not surprised after her MBA in the UK, she decided to run a clothing retail brand. She's been doing that since i knew her though she always had one hot bargain or the other.

I think she's an amazing shopper and is always in tune with the latest trends as welll as making sure to balance her stock with classic and timeless pieces all mostly from UK brands.

However, what i love most about the store is that the items are 'very affordable'. Not like all those Lagos boutiques that will want to cut your head with their ridiculous prices.

See her contact details at the end of this post

Speaking of Lagos, she delivers everywhere in Lagos and outside Lagos as well. She's also a regular at most of the shopping events in Lagos so when next you go for LPM or Fusion pls ask around for her stall.

Here shoes start from about N3500 and blouses start from about N3500-4000 upwards.

There are loads of stuff available but here are a few photos. Enjoy

Biddys Mondo Limited
9, Ashimowu Street

Behind R Jolad Hospital
New Garage, Gbagada
Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +2348030767570 BB Pin: 29DE98A8 WWW.BIDDYSMONDO.COM

35 36 37 38