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Maybe it's the ornamental feel or the vintage vibe... i dont know.. but i seem to be naturaly drawn to to baroque prints. For now i seem to be keeping to the darker more demure tones

Its funny how fashion really never changes though,. If you feel this print is familiar, you're not wrong. As i type, i'm wearing a burgundy baroque print blouse that belonged to my my mum yearssss ago. If you look the trend up, you'll find it splashed on most vintage Versace designs. Totally Fab.

Wore this skirt to work the other day. It's from a high street brand i can't really recollect at the moment.

and this here, (blouse and pants) is from Republic of Foreigner, way back from when i wore it to their show at fashion week (MTNLFDW) late last year.

Speaking of fashion week, i should share photos of my outfits. will do so soon.xx

ps- i take most of my photos with my blackberry camera so pls kindly excuse the quality :)
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