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Hi ya,
Hope your year is off to a good start. I cant thank God enough for sustaining me thus far and for that holiday of life. That 1 week + made all the difference. Can you believe it's the 19th already? The year seems to be flying.

Just wanted to share some good news with y’all. Some of you may have heard of the TV show Glamsquad being produced by Remi Diagbare of Tegali Communications which airs on silverbird 5pm on Sundays. Well.. yours truly is the official stylist.

The presenters are Latasha Ngwube an award winning beauty, fashion, social and lifestyle writer. She is currently a contributing editor at Vanguard’s Allure Magazine and handles the PR of some select brands.

Odun Ogunbiyi is the fashion editor at TW Magazine as well as a blogger and PR specialist.

Megha Joshi a.k.a Ms Pearl of Wisdom is a fictional character with a weekly column in Sunday’s Vanguard Allure who's famous for her totally unsympathetic advice to her readers problems.
Megha is an entrepreneur, PR whiz kid, international socialite, writer and style lover.

Wunika Mukan
Wunika Mukan is a well known Project Manager and was very instrumental restoring the Miss Nigeria Competition to once again becoming one the most sought after beauty competitions in the country.

The show is a fashion jury type show. It’s really exciting. I’ve gotten all kinds of feedback and lets just say... well not everyonelikes to have their fashion choices dissected on tv even I have to be more careful in my choice of outfits when I step out. The girls are as frank as can be. I would be redfaced for days if i'm ever being slammed for dressing wrongly. The horror *cringe*
Anyway, I always have so much fun filming, episode after episode. The girls are fun to be around and crack me up a lot behind the scenes.

Enjoy a few photos

 Earrings from Studio 9

 Earrings and cuff- beautiqueonline.com Blazer- Studio 9 and Polka dot jumpsuit- Republic of Foreigner

 L-R Odun, Megha, Latasha and guest presenter Hauwa Mukan filling in for Wunika
Love Odun's red spiked pumps from mizzybshoesonline.com

 Dress is from Studio 9 

Hair and makeup for looks above were by TJ and Zaron respectively 

The next set of photos were from the very first episode 
Hair and makeup by TJ and Blush Salon.

L-R Megha, Wunika, Latasha and Odun. 
Wunika's embellished dress is by Toju Foyeh and Latasha's dress and Necklace from beautiqueonline.com
 Megha's skirt is from April by Kunbi, Blouse from Studio 9 Lagos and necklace from beautiqueonline.com

 Love love Odun's Toju Foyeh dress and her hair came out just the way i wanted it.


 With Tj who does the Girls' hair

Your's truly. (this photo is so you can see my pink garment steamer. haha!)

Promise to share more as time goes by.

For more professional photos, a more in-depth look into the show and freebies, visit the website http://glamsquadtvonline.com/ 

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