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Hi There,

Long post ahead

So sorry for being so distant and not updating regularly. Living and working in Lagos with the crappy internet  cant take its toll on a girl.

You know one of those times when you’re feeling so overwhelmed with stuff and you update your bb status with text in that order. Anyway sometime ago i did that and I can’t remember what exactly I wrote  but  there was one response from my very sarcastic and blunt friend…

“Sweetheart do you have to deal with two divorces and three kids to provide for? I don’t think so. Kindly buck up my friend”I was very silent and couldn’t even respond.  

At the end of the day, everyone has their own demons and no one has it all.  Life is short and our problems are all very relative. If you complain about how bad your car is, the next person is just trying to buy a Tokunbo and another doesn't even have the money to take cabs.  You can’t pay your rent, someone else can’t even get a job.

Thank God for where you are and keep dreaming and seeing yourself where you want to be. I've heard a lot of grace to grass miracles and I know for sure nothing is unattainable.


On to lighter stuff… I still can’t get over the last minute cancellation of Arise Magazine Fashion week AMFW last month. I mean… for me fashion week is basically a chill out fun period (with a teeny bit of work) and I was really looking forward to it.

 Anyway, in the spirit of fashion weeks here are some of the photos from MTNLFDW from October last year which I never shared. Lol.

There were so many amazing pieces on the runway which have since then made their way to print in terms via high fashion editorials and trend reports, red-carpets, and the sidewalk. I personally had a few favourites and in no particular order

AGU (drama that i'm loving. The shoulder detail is fabulous)

I absolutely love this, the newspaper print and vendor's horn. so brilliant

BRIDGET AWOSIKA (If there was ever a thing as too much talent....)




I found the grafitti print pants and upside-down worded tees at KIKI KAMANU so very fresh!


 MAI ATAFO's summer wedding dress. J'adore! 
Reminds me of Carrie's Vera Wang wedding dress from Sex and the City 1. The first wedding with Mr Big that never happened





 REBAHIA (I couldn't pick one. loved both)




Loved the Maasai inspired jewellery at SUNNY ROSE


Here's me on all four days. My style over the past few years has drifted towards very functional and easy seeing as i'm always on the move but still feminine and very chic of course lol. 

A pair of high heels transforms a simple plain white tee and jeans. This aso-oke waist coat by Buttons Couture was the star of this look.

 Went the trendy route in a Republic of Foreigner baroque print tee and tie-waist pyjama pants

Sheer, velvet polka dot, colour and stripes....I love love  the unusual combo of this look. 
Blouse and skirt both by Rebahia

The last day was spent in a turquoise twist dress from Grey. I'm here with Stylist and Creative Director of Aimas Tayo Shonekan

With designer Lanre Da Silva Ajayi of LDA. I think we were talking about pieces for a Genevieve magazine cover shoot. Her collection was amazing

With Ace phographer Moussa Moussa (left) and Ohimai Atafo. Good times!

Cheers until later. xoxo.
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