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Been  thinking of ways to improve my hairline lately. I do a lot of weaves and i love to leave my hair out on the top. I most often favour a centre part which began to take its toll on my centre hair and the general hairline.

On a shoot sometime ago, i met this new singer Tonye. You can google her. She had accompanied her friend another celebrity who i was styling that day. She had on the most amazing weave. The curls were perfect and her hair out was just so shiny and luxurious. As expected, i got the deets of her hairdresser. It was done by a guy at Blush salon on Tiamiyu Savage street VI. She went on to add that the reason her hair looked that great was because she tried to do her partings on different sides everytime. I decided to follow suit but first i need to get my house in order. My house being my hairline of course. It's not like its Naomi Campbell bad but if i don't tackle it now who knows what might happen?

I thought of protective hairstyles that wont require brushing the weave everyday. I find that when i brush my weave, the slight pain i feel underneath (i have a very soft scalp) helps in thinning out my hair. It began to get me paranoid. I thought of braids but hell no! My hairline will never forgive me. So it had to be a weave as usual.

I have tried out short hairstyles every once in a while so i thought why not give it another try. While we are at it..a cropped look like this is quite hard to pull of. You cant even afford to look drab. long pretty weaves do most of the work but when you have little or no hair to protect you..... you better werk!!

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