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Hi ya,

Hope you've had an eventful weekend. Apologies for lack of posts. I appreciate the fact that some of you stop by to read whenever i post. I've had a busy last couple of weeks pulling, styling shoots, re-strategizing and just generally living the stylist life.

The other day I had to supervise, put together and ship out of Lagos, 45 looks for a Vanestyle client all in the  space of 24 hours.. and pulling in this Lagos with all the traffic... It did happen though. Story for another day.

In other news, not too long ago, I had to style Nine Globacom ambassadors in a new tvc and print campaign on Number portability. Waje, Omawunmi, Chidynma,  Lynxx, Flavour, Bez, MI, Naeto c and Burna Boy. It seemed huge to me at first but I've come to learn from experience, that trusting in your abilities is all you need to pull any job off.

Most stylists shy away from styling guys cos there aren't a lot of Menswear designers to pull from, plus you feel like there isn't much to do with guys but that's very wrong. Lately i have had to style guys a lot (just recently, i styled Uti Nwachukwu on Jara tv) and I've learnt that it is very different with each guy. Most are very particular about their individual styles, down to their haircut etc and oh well you cant shy away from guys for so long can you?

Most of these celebs i hadn't met before but i had fun working with. MI, Chidynma and Bez are just the easiest people to get along with, Lynxx too and oh Waje is just adorable and have you given her new album a listen? I got an autographed copy from her which i guard jealously.. Yes it's that great.

I styled a ton of looks which the company will most likely release in bits as they please. Here are some that have been released so far. As well as behind-the-scene photos taken with my assistant's cellphone.

Speaking of assistants, i was quite impressed with how professional mine was given that she had only been on a few shoots. This was a 4-day shoot with 7am call times and it went on till late sometimes, way past midnight but she was cool. Had to give her the last day off. Oooh and yes somewhere during filming, a model was late and she got a job to fill in for the model who was supposed to play a sexy waiter. Most times we wear black to shoots.. welll... look below to see the best i could do to transform her look. Lol

Some of the images have been released  in Newspapers and magazines. I' very excited and can't wait to see the billboards.

Omawunmi's handmade neckpiece is from Nichole by Haguannna

Behind the Scenes

 Waje in a dress by Ma'Bello Clothier

Lynxx in a Busen Tuxedo 

 Flavour in a tuxedo by Mai Atafo and below in Kola Kuddus

My assistant Promise.
Took off my Necklace, put it on her, added the gold cuff, tied a green scarf around her neck to symbolise the Glo brand and my fuchsia pumps did the rest. I kinda dig her look. Loll

That's all for now. I'll post more images later as they get released. 

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