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I know this is not a blog to lament on and i'll probably delete this post soon but i'm just so sad and upset at the man who broke my side mirror in traffic today and proceeded to insult me. I was so dazed... like is this how morally bankrupt people have become. How the hell are you going to offend someone and act like that.

Walahi i was so pained. I had let him go initially cos i'm still trying to recover from Malaria and i'm getting feverish. But after sometime...you know that feeling when something is really paining you in your mind..... I decided nah.. i need to get an apology out of this man whoever the fuck he is. So i get out of my car and go to him ( all this while we are still in traffic) The idiot refuses to get out of his car but trust the 'peoples' court all i needed to do was shed a few crocodile tears and the area boys were out for blood. Anyway to cut the long story short i didn't need to speak anymore as he was forced out of his car.

He eventually apologised and everyone begged me to let him go. I know replacing it will cost like some 10k but that's fine.

I have mixed feelings about Nigerian men now. It felt good to have those seemingly 'illiterate men' stand up for what was right as opposed to 'educated' Oga chairman who couldn't open his mouth and admit to his fault until he was almost treated like an animal.

I'm here and there's this mischievous streak in me itching to report him to the police or Efcc All those anonymous type calls to report shady behaviour around you even if they don't find anything i dunno...It will be nice to shake up his world a little. He kind of looks like a 419 dude.

 I mean I've got his plate number and all.

Anywayyyy........ *sigh*
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