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Kingdom is a  luxury unisex T-shirt line under the Caven Etomi label, designed by Cookie Caven, Kaven Caven & Ozzy Etomi of 4AcesDate. It is inspired by their African heritage, love of the culture, art and historical artifacts. Together with their business partner Juliet Caven, the ladies created a line which combines their love for fashion, function, art, African culture & charity; with a portion of the proceeds being donated to a charity of their choice, quarterly.

Made with fine quality cotton and designed intricately with an emphasis on stylized Baroque, the IDIA collection has both a high end and urban appeal, and is for the fashion forward trendsetter.

This debut collection titled IDIA features the Edo Ivory Masks, which is said to represent Queen Idia who ruled in the 16th century. The powerful symbolism and idea of empowerment of these historic ritualistic masks is a tale woven through this collection, not only to share a piece of history with its wearers, but also to create an aura of African royalty.

Location: Lagos 
Photographer: Lakin Ogunbanwo.
Models: Bukola Anthony, Kimmie
Stylist: Ozzy Etomi
Makeup: Niki Bakare
The Twin 77 artwork used as graphic background in the lookbook.

E-Commerce site: www.CavenEtomi.com
Email: Kingdom@CavenEtomi.com
Press Contact: PrKingdom@CavenEtomi.com
Instagram: @thyKingdom

Twitter: @KingdomTees
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