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Hey there,

I love random posts just because....

Just realised what month it is and what July really means for me...... Suits is back! (sorry if you expected to read some deep stuff). i really love the show!

Blogging albeit irregularly actually gives me joy. Funny just a moment ago i was feeling low. Been up all night not really being able to do much cos i had a lot on my mind, plus i've been going through some changes lately. Work, personal, finance and i seem to just be going through each day in a haze.. doing what needs to be done.. just like a zombie.

About to start work on some outfit sketches for a celebrity i'm styling really soon. It will be major!We have to make some clothes from scratch and even though i trust the designers, i just feel very responsible about this particular gig and i don't want to just describe what i want to the designers, i need to sketch. Some designers i cant meet for face-to-face meetings... so photos of my sketches would have to suffice. I cant seem to find any of my pencils or crayons... Lately my personal space has been a mess... clothes upon clothes... upon shoes.. it gets nauseating especially as i'm someone who likes to see everything clearly. Gonna give out the couch in my room... i never seat on it anyways.. that should create a little room.

Saw on twitter that people's fathers disgraced themselves the other day in the Rivers state Assembly.... Personally i think Nigerian politics and politicians are all together one big sham... they are laughable and its sickening. I never go into politics or their boring news. I actually go for weeks without watching the news or reading the papers. Not weeks sorry months. If its very important i'm sure someone will call me up or i'll see it on twitter. Judge me not! I don't care. The other day, a friend and i were driving back into town from Agbara estate where we had gone for a visit. It was about 8pm, people... a lottttt of people were just trekkingg It looked like a freaking exodus..like.. there was no public transport, the roads were filled with poth holes, everywhere was jammed. People go through this everyday. My friend made a comment. " and you say there's a government in this country?" I rest my case

On to a lighter mood...My work is fun i won't even join to complain. I love what i do. the other day i had to go to needle point to pull for the show Moments with Mo on the new Ebony life tv channel 165 on dstv. I have a partnership with the Vanestyle showroom as a stylist there and Veronica Ebie the CEO has got the Moments with Mo gig. I Iove Vanestyle and you should too! If you're a designer or clothing and accessories brand, you need to have your sample pieces at the showroom. All the editors, stylists and celebrities are in the showroom 24/7.  No place or arrangement will give your pieces as much press and piblicity like the showroom does. 

Back to Needle point..Its a very cosy environment ( One of the reasons i love designer showrooms is the different frangrances of the scented candles. weird. lmao). I spotted this cool ankara jacket that I just found so inspiring

It was a chilly day in lagos that day.. woke up as usaul without any outfit planned in my head and threw on this stripped Cedarwood State boyfriend( literally) sweater, stone wash skinny jeans and my favourite gold chain-link necklace. The other day i was in Balogun market and i spotted a neckalace similar to mine and was going to buy it for a friend when i went closer and realised it was all plastic.. i felt like slapping the seller. Like how can you people desecrate such a fabulous trend by making plastic shit to look like metal? ugh... 

Anyway here goes the end of my rather long post. I'm going to take a few minutes and catch up with my last two issues of Bazaar. I haven't gotten the time to properly sit and read through.

Cheers until later. XOXO

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