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Hi ya,

Has it been a minute or what.

So much has been happening and i'm so damn busy.

So exactly a month ago October 27th, i turned 30. I have to say i was freaking out months prior but i decided to observe some chill as it got closer and i can tell you honestlyyyy its not scary at all cos to be sincere i really dont feel any different.

It helps that i look fabulous too. haha!  

Went for head to toe nude, a hue which i've fallen head over heels in love with plus its perfect for my brown skin.

Contrary to how most people would spend the day, i decided not to "Turn up" (my fave word btw) instead i spent the day with loved ones. Did lunch with the bf and then later at night a quiet home cooked dinner of spicy veggies and snails with my mum and sister. Unfortunately i haven't got photos of that. I have to confess though i ate too much. Everything was in excess. i couldn't help it i had been saving space in my tummy for the day, a hundred cheat days in 1. Yes! Spent the later part of the night throwing up. Nevertheless it was such a special day that i'll remember forever!

Red velvet and chocolate cake from Cookie Jar. A little story about the cake tho.. Not too long ago i was on set of Moments with mo styling the hosts (show airs daily on Ebony Life tv dstv ch165). Tolu Eros the owner of Cookie jar was being interviewed on one of the episodes. After the show, he gifted the whole crew with this yummy cake that was to die for so at the airport on our way back to Lagos ( moments with mo films in tinapa calabar) I HAD to get his business card. When i got back i couldn't stop gushing to the lover about the cake.  He took a hint, took the number without my knowledge and on my bday...voila! He's just the sweetest.

 He has the cutest fingernails i swear. i wish you could see all. I'm always jealous.

I'm over a 100,000 page views now. Thank you all so much for stopping by even though I don't update regularly. Means a lot to me

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