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Most of my days are spent in shorts and loose fitted stuff cos it's way to hot in these zones really and I'm 5.5 and I don't want anything long and a million other reasons....

Wore this for my regular day being a stylist and later that evening to see 12 years a slave. I really just want to apologise to the people in the same theatre with me that day. I changed seats like four times and stepped on a couple. I can just imagine the irritation. I really needed to find a good spot and yes Lupita Nyong 'o is just flawless. 

Got home late and was able to get my sister in photographer mode. Due to the fact that it was like 7pm and we had lost daylight.... These photos are not so clear but who cares...

These cross earrings take me all the wayyyy back to the 90s. Love em.


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