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What's shaking Loves,

The weekend is almost over and I know that's just.... Meh for most of you but not to worry, just heard there's a public holiday on Tuesday to celebrate prophet Mohammed's birthday. So yay of course.  Nigerians tho we low key have the most public holidays. Yes? No?

I'm currently rocking braids and I only gat one question * insert hood accent* . Erykah bahdu and all them other soul artists, team natural etc.,.. How do y'all cope?? These b****** up here are pulling on my edges in ways I can not describe on paper. Every time I move, my head moves.  I can't even do something as little as quick sideways turn. Geez.

My mum says it's pretty tho and I might agree... depending on the angle you catch me from. Lol. Don't act like you don't practice your angles in front of the mirror. Yes you do!

Spent the whole of Saturday prepping for a shoot I have soon. Met with a lot of designers, some of which I'll be working with for the first time so it was quite exciting.... Making new discoveries. I like that . For a stylist, it keeps things fresh and keeps you inspired.

Took them braids out for a spin. Thoughts?

PS- When you read the title of this post insert Ciara's 'in braids' comment as Future walks away from the pool area at the end of her body party video. Lol

I have no idea what kind of face i'm making here

Huh? Say what? Put my hand on my head? okkkk...


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