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Hey there,

How's your week been so far. Few things in life are worse than 'closing time traffic' in Lagos. On my way home tonight, these lines from beyonce's haunted kept playing over and over in my head.
All these people on the planet
Working 9 to 5, just to stay alive
The 9 to 5, just to stay alive...... Had me flashing back to my 9-5 days was definitely not easy. Not to say I'll never do it again tho it all depends. If you know what I mean!

There's something about wearing vibrant silk prints. Be it the colour, pattern or the feel of soft silk against the skin.. they have a way of adding cheer and a bit of adventure to your overall look.

To say the Oleku trend has swept the whole of this side of the world away would be an understatement. It's everywhere! and seriously if you don't know this. I don't know who your friends are. Lol just kidding.

 Now add the adventurous appeal of these prints to an easy breezy traditional silhouette and you have a match made in heaven if I do say so myself. No wonder it is such a hit.

Side tip: You could also knock out easy shirt dresses to wear on the weekends, pants or even turbans out of these.

Check on these gorgeous pieces from Biddy's Mondo. See contact details at the end of this post.

Beautiful clash of prints. Love this

Polka dots x animal print. Not bad at all

Biddys Mondo is at 
9, Ashimowu Street Behind R Jolad Hospital
New Garage, Gbagada
Lagos, Nigeria.Tel: +2348127653929 BB Pin: 29DE98A8 WWW.BIDDYSMONDO.COM
INSTAGRAM: biddysmondo 


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