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Hi guys,

I know this is coming late but happy new month! So how was January, was it how you intended? Did things work out fine with work, family, your relationship? Whatever the outcome just know there's still 11 more months to make stuff happen. Don't kick yourself too hard and plssss don't dwell on motivational speeches and people. You can get yourself all pressured and anxious.

For most people it's a new month but for us fashion girls Peter Pilotto for Target is only a few days away this Sunday, February 9th to be precise. The collection is breathtaking and to think the prices are between affordable. According to fashionista.com, prices range from $14.99 to $79.99 and most of the prices will be below $60 that's like 9k.  I just want to die! Collaboration of destiny!!!

We'll before you get too excited, Target has blocked Nigeria from its website so you may have to call up your American friends to help you out for this one.

Here's the link although you may not be able to access it.  http://www.target.com/c/peter-pilotto-for-target-brand-shop/-/N-55hsm

You can also buy at netaporter.com 

View the collection.

Let me know if you're able to get your hands on any of them.

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