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Hi Lovelies,

Hope your weekend's been great. Mine was very chilled. Kelly Rowland was in town for Dare ARt Alade's concert Love like a Movie. Did anyone go? Heard it was dope af. See here's the thing I was just saying earlier today, based on the great reviews...if he focuses on raising the bar every year and putting up a fantastic show, maybe he just wouldn't have to work so hard like the rest of us.  It could just be his thing you know.... I'm sure soon sponsors will literally be begging to get on board. anyway what do I know about business.

I've always admired traditional george fabric. The metallic threading, patterns and mix of colours. Watching my mum get dressed for weddings or special occasions was always a delight...over the top blouses, outrageous Hayes headtie et all.

As much as I love george,I  really worried I would never be able to pull off the double wrapper and blouse without looking like a Primary Four kid playing 'catching the train'. So instead I decided on a more fun way to rock the look and voila!

Wore this to church today...What say ye?

Oh and I went for a pedicure after mass at U and I salon/spa Surulere shopping mall. 

The fun part of pedicures for me is when they scrape the dead skin off your feet so imagine my frustration when every time I go, they tell me stuff like " Aunty, your feet is too soft, there's nothing to scrape. I don't want to injure you ". I'm like sweetheart... You better find something to scrape. This is why we are here. The argument is always real. Lol

There was something I took away from the homily today. It was a lot but I managed to grasp this part. The priest said....we have no idea how wonderful the plans God has in store for those who love him. How can we love God???? It is by loving our neighbors. It's that simple but yet so difficult. Humans are really difficult to love. They are full of so many things I would like not to mention here right now.... You get my drift...so we need to pray for God's wisdom and strength to be able to love others.

Have a fantastic week.


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