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Hope you're all ok...

Last Sunday, I was invited to the House of Tara  store launch at the Centro mall Lekki Phase one. Now way back since my uni days, I have been following house of Tara and I have to confess I'm very inspired by her success. I read somewhere that this is her 12th or 13th store. I'm not sure. 

I was interviewed by spice tv at the event and the way i spoke.. You would think I was her sister or something. Well maybe I am....*eye roll* Like me she got all her education here, decided to make a living for herself here in this difficult Nigeria by following her passion and she's been successful and I know she's not done yet. Admidst all she's without airs. A very humble woman.  I dunno. I'm a fan... Yes!

I went with my friend Fola and we had a good time. It was my  kind of event... Nice medium sized crowd. Rooftop, airy, and just classy. Well done to House of Tara. 

We planned to go to House of Nwocha's new collection launch in Vi front row tickets and all, but last minute, we decided instead to meet up with some other friends at this place called Switch on Ladi Alakija avenue off admiralty way also in lekki. It's such a chill out comfy zone. 

So here's what happened...I ordered spicy wings and chips (I should take nice photos of these snazzy dishes like a proper blogger right? I'll do better promise)

When the food came, the chips and wings were soooo much I couldn't stand it. Here's the thing about me. When I see too much food on my plate... I immediately loose interest. It's like someone is about to choke me. To add to it, I'm used to eating roasted very dark peppery wings but instead these ones looked very... Not roasted...like it just was steamed in pepper sauce so you can see the skin clearly. I cannotttt stand seeing beige, cream colored chicken skin. I wanted to just die. The way I shook my head vehemently.... I haven't done that since maybe when I was 5yrs old.

My friends decided to dig in and they swore it was nice and I don't doubt them. It just wasn't for me. I had to reorder for peppered gizzard and spring rolls and I swear it's the best gizzard I've had in ages and thankfully they didn't fill up the whole plate. 

Overall it was a very cool evening. Oh yes! lest I forget as I learnt from one of the guys and this is not new. Every guy wants a woman that depends on them but then they also want a hardworking independent partner. And they say we are the confused ones right? Lol

I managed to take these very few photos at the event

Folakunle. I loved her neckpiece

With designer Ian Audifferen of Tzar.

My humble self. My distressed denim is DIY, sweatshirt from Kinabuti, shoes from TNL. Chain strap purse is by Koret.

Ps: on Tuesday evening, I went to see Kevin Harts new movie About Last Night. I love black comedies and it was hilarious. You should go see it. Kevin Hart is a phooool!


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