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Living in Lagos can be quite tedious, I think we can all agree to that now. If like me you do the mainland to Island hustle just know that our reward is in heaven. This world is definitely not our home.

This post is not about Lagos traffic and shit but they are connected.  Few days ago I was on my way to a meeting and to do some pulling. ( this simply means sourcing clothes and accessories for a photo shoot, tv etc). The traffic was insaneee! At some point, everyone started diverting towards a bad untarred road, and I joined in anything to get me to my meeting on time. Anyway as we kept going, the road got increasingly worse, large poth holes sorry ditches filled with muddy water. I started asking myself who sent me. As slowly as one drove, the holes got deeper and then I thought I saw steam or smoke whatever close to my bumper. I thought it was the car in front of me and I just kept thinking why won't people just fix their cars but alas it was coming from my bonnet. Omg!! As a stylist in this obodo Lagos, I can't even describe to you how important it is not to have car trouble. I kept praying and finally after we got out of the flooded hell, by this time, I found myself confused and  on the other side of the express completely re-routed, traffic worse than where I was before, I had had enough. I was definitely gonna park and sit it out a bit. I mean I didn't come to Leygos to die.

Luckily there was a Big Treat close by and I'm like so these people are still alive. This was somewhere in festac btw. So I parked, took a look at my engine. My bonnet had flipped open somehow from the deep potholes and water had gone in a little. I was just shocked. Anyway the car was fine. So in I went and you know started to look around for what to eat.

This brings me to the title of this post. They had Chinese, it was early morning and I was on a diet but given my horrible morning, I couldn't care less. I asked for the most spicy meal on the menu. I loooove Chinese food I used to think I loved very peppery food but these people take their tea with pepper and brush with it too. Don't tell me otherwise pls. Sometime last year, I was down with Malaria and I went to this place Mr Chang on awolowo road Ikoyi. I needed something hot and spicy. So I had this prawn soup thing. One sip and my malaria cleared. The pepper went straight to my brain.

Anyway back to present day. My meal came and I couldn't be happier. I had their Singapore noodles and requested for extra pepper. I was sooo pleased hence this post. The meal was deliciousss and even more, if was a lot definitely not for one person. I couldn't go more than half the plate so I had to have it packed for me to take out.

Big treat is on 1st avenue very close to the FIRS building near the festac/amuwo-odofin link bridge in Festac. I took their number for home delivery 07036851023

Meanwhile and totally unrelated, I don't trust these chinkos in Lagos. (Chinko here refers so all Asians in Nigeria) they are worse than us Nigerians. Ok just imagine I was at the car wash sometime ago and this Chinko man was seated beside me. Next thing, his phone rings and he starts to blow pidgin like wafi pidgin I, and I turn in shock. He was talking about containers, goods, customs and shit... And I was just like are you shitting me??? He obviously noticed my shock and open mouth yes I couldn't hide it and to finish me off, he told the waitress "Ask this Aunty wetin she go drink". At this point I was already dead.

As if that was not enough just yesterday I was at a shoot at this restaurant in Vi. The manager was Korean. Anyway one of the crew members brought in food and everyone knows this isn't allowed when you go to a restaurant to use their space. Anyway this lady gets pissed off and while cautioning who I believe was her assistant,  went. "Why you allow this. You know see am... Go charge him. A chorom ego" this chic spoke straight Igbo!!! And I'm just you know...wiping my eyes and ears making sure that everything going on around me was real. I'm still shocked even as I type.

And this right here is the end of this post.

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