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Chimamandastyle.com by CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE

Omg guys!!! Chimamanda has a style blog. How am I so late to this. *slaps head*

I've just been there and I'm literally in excitement. I watched a recent interview with Lola Ogunnaike of Arise 360 where she said earlier on in her career she had to tone down her dressing as she felt doing it would make her appear serious and people would in turn take her more seriously which most times is always the case with the world but over time she realized she just needed to be herself the kind of woman that loves her high heels. I was so smitten afterwards.

My brother told me this story of how when he was to present his project back in uni, he didn't go wearing a suit cos he hated it, he studied to be an engineer he didn't like the idea of suits, didn't think he needed it, so he went in jeans and a tshirt. He wasn't allowed to present and had to borrow a blazer from a  fellow student so as to look 'serious' even though he was graduating top of his class.

One time I remember just being out of school and I went for this job interview with a friend. It was something to while away time at some micro finance bank in Vi. I don't mean to sound immodest but I was shocked when I didn't get called and my friend got called. (No offense to her). The aptitude test was wayyyy easy and I aced my one-on-one interview session. Anyway I asked my friend who got called to find out for me why I wasn't called. The answer was 'inappropriate dressing' excuse me??  I wore a crisp white shirt, dark blue boot-cut denim trousers and shiny black pointed toe courts plus my hair do was fresh off the salon. I'm sorry if I didnt want to go through the heated streets of Lagos, sweating in a 'black skirt suit' I looked decent. It was their loss anyway. And you know who made this call, the MD. Honestly I thought it was a little myopic for someone in that kind of position.  I don't think you should judge people based off of what they choose to wear but sadly that is the way of the world. The guy in a pair of jeans and clean white tee is considered less successful than the guy in a 3 piece suit. Wrong!

Not to go off point.... I picked out my favourite looks from her blog. I've always thought her style is at it's best original and I love her oufit credits. "Isi owu by Angela in Abba", "Ichafu by Chimamanda" and "shorts by tailor Razak". 

Will definitely go back to see more looks

Dear Chimamanda if you ever read this, I'm a fan. My whole family is. My niece who's also my goddaughter, is named after you and I promise I'm not even famzing. It's a fact.

Let me know what you guys think.

Photo credit and source: chimamandastyle.com


Ps: I've heard some people ask what the name means. It translates in English as 'My God will not fall'

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