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His & Hers Love & Fun Fair: Introducing Nigeria's First Ever Intimacy Fun Fair

Hey guys hope your week is off to a great start. 

Notice how there seems to be a cool story to most of my posts recently? Well here's another.

Back when I was in boarding house at FGGC Sagamu, I had this friend who had a boyfriend from like when we were in JS 2. Thinking about it now I'm like how was that even possible?? then I remember now that my 11yr old cousin has a boyfriend and this little kid actually gave me advice when I had my last major breakup. Believe it or not! Lol.

Anyway back to my story. My friend then was so cool. We were in a girls school. the closest most of us ever got to boys was during inter school functions and it was always a scramble to even get a common 'hello'. If it came from a Kc boy....Just know you've made it!! For life o. 

So you can imagine how cool it was to have a friend that had a real boyfriend. I remember us taking turns to read her love letters which came in regularly through the post of course. It had so much affection and depth and after reading, I'm pretty certain all of us daydreamed on her behalf. Their relationship continued till our senior years and the letters got even steamier, dreamier and more romantic. When we had to leave school after our final exams, I remember being the 1st out of my friends to leave. I cried my eyes out cos I was gonna miss my friends but also cos I mean those letters had formed a part of my life. Judge me not pls.

Me and this my friend kept in touch after school. I went to school here and She went off to Moscow to study to become a doctor all the while still with same guy. I'm not even kidding you but they got married two years ago I believe. I always say within myself that as shitty as relationships are, theirs always keeps me believing just a little. I'm like if Bimbo and Tosin ever breakup then I know the world is actually coming to an end and everything is shit. They are so cool together, the even haver a cooler son and I'm just so happy for them.

Not too long ago my friend told me about something she wanted to do on the side which she had a passion for and she felt could help people in their relationships.in mean I would take advice from her  since she isnt doing bad at all herself. It must take something extra to keep a healthy thriving relationship that long. Yes? No?

 People don't like to talk about these things but it wouldn't hurt to get a bit more knowledge about intimacy between couples so here goes....

 It's never been done in the country so it's a first and I'm proud. Let me know if you'll be attending. I'll love to meet you. Attendance is free by the way.

His & Hers Love & Fun Fair

Introducing: Nigeria's First Ever Intimacy Fun Fair.


This fair is aimed at exploring the world of sexual intimacy in your relationships and allows a safe space to look at what love, sex and intimacy means to you.


The fair features sales of a range of products and services for everyone who has an interest in spicing up their intimate relationships, whether they are currently in one or not.


There is also the chance to mingle and maybe meet someone special by getting involved in

any of the games and attractions we have planned like the Bacgelor auction. Other attractions also include exotic dancers, music and talks.


This event will offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere to learn more about your sexuality and to readily get the tools to improve intimacy in your relationships. It also gives you a chance to meet and learn from like minded  people in an accepting environment. 


Venue: Lagoon Resturant - Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue

Victoria Island, Lagos 

Saturday, 22nd March 2014

10am to 7pm


​For Interested Exhibitors,  Please contact Wunmi


Email: wunmi@wunmiomololu.com


Website: http://www.lagossexpo.com



Entry  is FREE........



Looking forward to welcoming you to this event.


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