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Hi ya, 

So I promised to post the other half of my print outfit. I can't help it guys it was 6 yards of beauty.

I wore it on Easter Monday to the Kenneth Ize ss14 'son soufflé' launch at the very artsy, concept store Stranger in Lekki phase one Lagos.

The vibe when you get to stranger is like a natural pull. The general aesthetic is dark, edgy but hippie and almost pedestrian at the same time so you're relaxed but also captivated by the mix of art and fashion around you. 

All this comes majorly from the decor, the roll call of designers represented, the crowd which you encounter and then the stranger team. I can't even complain. It's a breath of fresh air.

                 The 'son soufflĂ©' lookbook photos displayed on the wall. Sorry the room was quite dark

One of the most interesting things about going to events is the different people you get to interact with and bumping into folks you haven't seen in a while. Speaking of meeting new people, I got to gist a little with Chigul. I'm sure everyone knows who she is. She makes the funniest videos on Instagram @theonlychigul

I had bumped into Bez's manager Enyi Omeruah, we met a few times when I styled Bez for a couple of Globacom ads. Anyway we got talking about stuff and he said his sister was coming. When she arrived, he goes casually "meet my sister she's a comedienne "and I'm like damn right she is!  I know her way back from her bbm voice notes. She was so sweet and gracious and I enjoyed every minute of our convo. Chigul if you ever get to read this. Kisses!

Chigul, Enyi and I 

There is a clearer photo of us three but I'm not posting it cos I didn't like my face in the photo. Yeah aren't we all vain like that? Lol

The designer Kenneth Ize talking us through his inspiration for the collection

Managed to take this quick photos before waltzing out. Couldn't stay till the end as I had to be up early the next day. You can check Stranger's Instagram to see more photos. @strangerlagos


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