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Laziest work out day ever! Just got back from the gym and I'm honestly so fagged out. In recent times I've been trying to build my endurance level. I usually do 5km on the thread mill in 30mins sometimes less but for the past three days it's been dwindling. Today I did  4km in an excruciating 45mins. I told myself I was distracted, then that I had malaria, and finally that it was because there was an old man 'power-walking' beside me. But I know it was just laziness. Truth is I hate working out.

I'm having a work free weekend to I'm just generally faffing around. I can't even go near my wardrobe it scares  me these days. I can't see shit and I hate having to look for things and push stuff around. Speaking of things, I didn't realise how much of my stuff is actually by Nigerian brands. I guess it's because I'm in the industry. I like it though. Nigerian designers are awesome. For instance most of my most carried bags are Nigerian.

        Left Victoria bag by Dot, right aso-oke and leather bad by DFL design for love

     Clockwise from the top Bridget bag by Dot, denim carry all by Agbani Darego, Python skin and leather tote from Nichole by Haguanna, graphic print clutch from Oeclat, Ankara and wooden clutch from DFL and SJP box clutch by Dot. 

(I'm sorry but I always feel the need to describe pieces, it's the fashion writer in me I guess)

Oh I also got to play with my niece. I think she's trying to talk cos she just keeps making noises trying to communicate. I guess it's about time she's a 1.5 year old. It's cute to watch. I'm definitely having a girl God willing but just one though . She can have sisters via cousins and friends. Don't judge me. It's cute to have a sister but as a mum I don't think I have the energy for the sibling rivalry that comes with girls living together under a roof. "Why did you wear my shoes without my permission?" "and why do you have my weave sewn into your coconut head?" don't touch my shit again"  zzzzzzzzzzzz. 
She can have a brother. That's cute too.  

Hope you all are having a chilled weekend. If not just take it easy. Like a former colleague would say. "Work no dey finish" I agree. You know who isn't having a chilled weekend? Monica Rose that's who! She is the stylist to the kardashian klan and right now they are on a Paris takeover ahead of Kim's wedding today. She's  slaying though, khloe's looks have been flawless so have Kendall and Kylie. Oh wait...is Bruce on this trip at all? I almost forgot about the guy.

Valentino dress and clutch, Anthony Vaccarello shoes

Gucci tuxedo dress, louboutin heels and Valentino clutch 

Their makeup artist Joyce Bonelli isn't playing either. Shoutout to the kardashian Glamsquad. Putting these ladies together is not a small feat.
I guess Kim has been styling herself and I'm guessing with help from Kanye. Kanye is extremely stylish and you can tell it's rubbed off on her. She's going for edgier choices and I like that. You know that Kanye verse in the song 'Blazing' with nicki minaj where he goes " I just took your whole life and redesigned it. I think I'm Marc Jacobs, I think I'm Lagerfeld, I think without makeup, you still bad as hell" In my head I think he's talking to Kim. Lol. Yeah I know. I love these people. Don't judge.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Xoxo.

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