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I don't really get the idea of people getting all giddy, wanting to go away for summer. I mean I understand if you live in a cold climate, summer of course feels like a release. But like over here... I don't know maybe it's just cos I didn't grow up that way. 

My parents were so obsessed with us doing well in school. Summer holidays were never about holidaying. It was about summer school. You go so that you can get a head start for the next academic year. So that when your mates are back from lounging, you're way ahead. 

My brother and I were always one class apart and we loooooved summer school. He had his reasons and I of course had my own reasons. Very valid ones too. The boys... Imagine being in school and boys are just everywhere in their full glory walking around, even scoping you. Like!... It was magnificent. I went to an only girls school. Boarding school. So you can imagine my joy. 

I never got too carried away though cos the damn school used to give result sheets. Like how evil and sad could their principal have been. I tell people that I never failed once as a teen not an assignment not a test, not a single quiz. I never wanted to find out what my father would do to me. I'm sorry not that adventurous.

Took these photos a few Sundays ago. 

Shoes are from biddysmondo. Loads of very stylish pieces. Pls check them out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter


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