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Hey guys, 

If you haven't seen this yet...stop what you're doing and look! 

Re Bahia just launched a diffusion line. If you've been following the line.. Circle round and let's hold hands. Yay!

Re Bahia is a Nigerian based luxury line created by Orire Omatsola, the brand is best known for its breathtaking designs, intricate details in terms of patterns, custom prints and stripes, crisp tailoring and  practicality. It is a luxury line so therefore some style lovers may not be able to get their hands on the pieces but now thankfully you can do so via the Wild Magnolia line. Affordable but still carries with it the Re Bahia stamp of quality and luxury

Truth is knowing the designer, I'm not surprised at how cool this new line is to be honest. The look book features pieces in cool easy to wear fabric, loose tailoring (perfect for our temperate climate), dip girly prints, complimenting hues. There is also the dip-dyed technique going on.  

The first and last are my personal favourites 

Best part is the pieces are between N5000 and N20000. 

Check on it!


Photography: Danny Baldwin

Model: Anita Jones

Makeup: Esther Appiagye

Hair: Heather Dapaa

For more information on the collection and Re Bahia, please e-mail: rebahiang@gmail.com | Follow on Instagram: @rebahia_ng

Ps- not totally unrelated but I always hear people say Ree-ba-hia. Wont blame anyone cos of how it's spelt, still I always wanna correct. It's Ray-ba-hia


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