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Beauty Inspiration.

Hi guys,

Pls if you're not too busy kindly follow this link  http://woobox.com/on2eca/vote/for/4186097 to vote for Kosiso Eze's entry for The 'Buntricia Journey to Nigeria' makeup challenge. 

The challenge is about getting professional training/exposure with leading international makeup artist Buntricia's Bastain who will be in Lagos from Nov 17 to 21st for a hands on Makeup  Bootcamp. This is just the first stage.

I promise it's very quick and easy. You have to vote just once everyday till Thursday.  

Here's her entry. I like that she chose an editorial theme rather than bridal or everyday makeup. 

Kosi is one of the top makeup artists at Zaron. I've worked on major shots with her and her work is beyond amazing. I think she deserves to win. Pls kindly vote plssss.

Buntricia's bio via buntricia.com 


Screenshot 2014-05-10 05.28.45For over three decades international Master Educator, Buntricia Bastian, has been on one of the most remarkable journeys inside the makeup industry. She is known as a brilliant and fearless leader. She is a road warrior on the move around the globe sharing her knowledge and wisdom. Without question she is one of the smartest people in the makeup world today. She is recognized as an authority on color, makeup application, styling, as well as business acumen. Buntricia dominates a crowd by combining her knowledge with wisdom and wit delivering awe-inspiring dialogue. Buntricia has influenced and trained tens of thousands of professionals and beginners around the globe, from Nigeria to the Caribbean. Currently, she is the trainer for Sandals and Beaches worldwide. Formerly, Buntricia was the director of the Arnold Padricks School of Cosmetology in Atlanta, Georgia and Director of Dudley Beauty College in Washington D.C. Buntricia challenges her students to be smart about their business and to know their worth, whether they are just starting out or established professionals.

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