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Sunday Best

Trying to get back to those days when Sundays after mass were my happiest moments. Today's homily was about leniency. I'm not a preacher but I just had to share. In the Parable of the sower, Matthew 13:25-43 if my short term memory will let me be great, Christ explains how the reapers (his angels) will come at the time of harvest (end of the world ) to  separate the wheat from the weed.

 He explains that it is not in our place to judge rather the church should be accepting of everyone and we should all wait for the end. He concludes with "he who has ears let him hear" and that's the part that stuck for me. Cheers! 

      Photo credit- Mum

Blouse is a gift from someone I started to admire way back when I was in Uni, Remi Lagos. God rest her soul. Have a fruitful week.
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